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Post-weekend Poetry 125: Lady Catherine by Siana Holmes

Lady Catherine coverWelcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the one hundred and twenty-fifth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by Siana Holmes and is the opening poem from P J Flynn’s novella Lady Catherine.

Lady Catherine

Two souls combine,

An apparition introduction.

Behind the cloak and hood,

A beauty seduction.

Travelled through on a dream,

But turns true to the flesh.

A beauty locked in time,

Comes back after death.

On the prowl for a victim,

Alexander King she chooses.

Her beauty and manipulation,

Are the weapons she uses.

Visions of illusions,

Well planned out heists.

To a dagger awaiting,

A love sacrifice.

An opportunity to travel,

Back to the scene.

Of a decided life waiting,

Which all starts with a dream.


I asked Siana what prompted this piece and she said…

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