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Guest post: How to write short poems by Louis at Poetry Lobby

Today’s guest blog post is brought to you by Louis at Poetry Lobby.

How to write short poems by Louis Thomas

If you have late found yourself wondering, How to write short poems. Simple. I will explain and show you how to write poetry that not only efficiently delivers ever time but trumps the inevitable writer block. First step create a topic and stick with it throughout your writing, complete your rough draft and do at least two to three revisions. Second have a test audience, Let me be clear they must provide honest feedback, criticism is a poets greatest asset. Finally publish your work on a blog and share it via social media and see how it resonates, from there you may tailor it to fit the audience that gravitates towards your work. Writing a poem a day may help, note this may be a challenge at first but one you will soon overcome. Below the passage will be an example from Poetry Lobby


Is Poetry Dead…

rsz_images_11First let me start by expounding, poetry
Is the pulsing sensation of words flowing through your veins
Its the expression of our heart felt thoughts, feelings and sayings
Finely crafted, cleverly articulated ways to express emotion
Cupids bow and arrow, loves befuddled potion
If poetry has deceased, it leaves only the anomaly of a dissipated soul
Letting the worries of life, consume us with full control
Poetry is not dead, although mostly blank canvases
There’s just enough people utilizing its advantages


Now here is a little bonus for staying tuned throughout the post…

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