Hello and welcome to the newest page on my blog.

There’s little doubt that eBooks are the way to go, both for an author and reader, and having just upgraded (some may say side-graded) my Kindle Touch for an iPad2, I love them. I’m a tad biased as I’m also an eBook author but I created this page because I want to tell you that creating one is not as difficult as you might think.

I currently have six eBooks online (four free shorts, a collection of 31 short stories and a writing workbook on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, B&N, iTunes etc) and recently wrote a guide on how to create eBooks for one of my writing groups (which I also demonstrated at the recent booQfest). I was going to publish it as an eBook but it occurred to me that it might be just as useful (although I’ll probably elaborate on it and still publish it) to put it here… well, as a sub-page. So click here or on the picture (right) for the guide.

My books are listed here and other authors’ books are listed under the following categories: children’s Y.A.novels & novellaspoetryscriptwritingshort stories & flash fiction and non-fiction.

I don’t review books but have a page of others who do.


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