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Another free short story eBook – The Threadbare Girl

I’m really getting the hang of publishing eBooks with Smashwords. :) Having ploughed through the 70+ page formatting guide (so big because it was so thorough) I created a shell Word document which I can now just copy and paste the content into, then with the wonderful ‘format painter’ icon have it ship-shape in a matter of minutes.

I create the covers in Photoshop and Picasa and that’s fun too… collaging, fading, rotating, picking fonts… it’s like being back at school. The only expense has been hiring my editor, Rachel and she’s been worth every penny because not only does she spot (thankfully few) mistakes but she’s come up with some wonderful suggestions. No writer, however good they are, should at least not get one second opinion before unleashing their writing in eBook form.

So for anyone contemplating the eBook route, I’d say “absolutely”. Setting up an account with Smashwords is free, the publication process painless (well, fairly… coming up with a synopsis for something that’s almost as short as the extended description box has been a challenge!) but the end result so rewarding.

The first three free shorts (April’s Fool (3rd person pov), Feeding the Father (monologue) and The Dark Side (2nd person pov)) went up last Tuesday evening and to-date have been downloaded over 160 times. :)

The following morning I uploaded a $1.49 The 365-Day Writer’s Block Workbook which has since been sold four copies. That may not sound like much but it was four more than the week before and I’m thrilled.

The latest addition is another free short story ‘The Threadbare Girl‘, taken from the anthology ‘Story A Day May’ which has been edited by Rachel and just needs my final input and formatting then it’ll become eBook number 6. Then I’ll be cracking on with my fourth NaNoWriMo project which, once complete, will be put away and I’ll go back to editing the other three NaNos, dozens of short stories and whatever my brain comes up with… and I can’t wait! :)

Synopsis of ‘The Threadbare Girl': Hidden from sight, the threadbare girl takes in her surroundings. She remembers everything but even the man supposed to be looking after her forgets. Around her, life goes on but everything stands still for her; a too-tight dress the only reminder that time is passing, and it’s passing without her.

If you’d like to go and have look at the ‘story (stories) so far’ please click here. The ‘Books – mine‘ and ‘freebies‘ pages give more detail should you like a sneaky peak beforehand.


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