Writing Courses

In Person
Since January 2014, I have been running eight computer and paper-based writing courses in Northampton, England on the following topics:

  • social networking (no longer running)
  • creative writing – beginners
  • creative writing – beginners
  • short stories
  • plan and write a novel
  • ideas and inspiration
  • eBooking
  • blogging

From September 2014, most of these will be going countywide and I shall be adding (as one-day courses)

  • crime writing
  • writing chick-lit and women’s fiction
  • editing your fiction
  • poetry for beginners

Click here for details of the courses including content, price, locations etc. If you are local and would like help on the topics below (or anything else), please either email me or complete the form below.


From autumn/winter 2014, I also plan to run online writing courses on the above topics as well as on (from suggestions already received):

  • dialogue
  • synopses, book blurbs, taglines, elevator pitches etc.

If you are interested, please either email me or complete the form below…


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