Extract from podcast episode 4 (Sept 2010) – recommendations

Episode 4’s recommendations were all on science-fiction, fantasy or horror:

  • The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s website www.sfwa.org is a boon for writers of that genre.
  • The Science Fiction & Fantasy Novelists’ website www.sfnovelists.com is a blog with over 70 contributing authors – details of whom can be found on the site’s ‘our authors’ section.
  • ‘How to write tales of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction’ by Robinson books includes tips from a variety of well-known authors.
  • Despite being aimed at children, the ‘Write your own chillers’ by Pie Corbett is a fantastic book. There are also thriller and fantasy editions and he’s the author and editor of over 250 books.
  • ‘The Third Alternative’ press publishes magazines including horror ‘Black Static’ and sci-fi ‘Interzone’. More details from www.ttapress.com.
  • A sci-fi website recommended via an ‘I should be writing’ podcast interview is www.writerbeware.com (which leads to www.sfwa.org/beware).
  • An interesting US-based website is www.sff.net which is quoted as “home to the most interesting authors, publishers, media pros and consumers of genre fiction today”.
  • www.strangehorizons.com is another fascinating site and contains sci-fi prose and poetry!
  • www.writesf.com has a link www.starrigger.net/recommended.htm which provides a very comprehensive list of recommended books most with links to Amazon. It also lists books on the art of writing sci-fi including ‘The craft of Science Fiction’ by Reginald Bretnor, ‘How to write Science Fiction and Fantasy’ by Orson Scott Card and ‘Conceiving the Heavens: Creating the Science Fiction Novel’ by Melissa Scott.
  • I came across www.suite101.com by accident a few months ago and would recommend reading their sci-fi/fantasy (http://scififantasyfiction.suite101.com) and reading and literature (www.suite101.com/readingandliterature) sections. There is also a link for British/UK fiction (http://britishfiction.suite101.com) which makes interesting reading.

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