Extract from podcast episode 4 (Sept 2010) – poetry freebie

The last item of each hints & tips podcast is a piece of fiction – either flash or poetry and episode 4’s was a poem of mine which I’d submitted to Writers’ News for their ‘first line’ poetry competition, with a deadline back in May 2010. Sadly, it didn’t make the top three but I’m realistic enough to know that it’s likely to be a very popular competition, especially as it was free to subscribers, (and that I’m no poetry expert!) so I put it down to experience. Besides, it got me writing, and that’s the main thing. This poem is called ‘Elude’ (a title that just sprung to mind):


The silver birch, the oak, the lime

looking skywards, they encase me.

I shiver despite the sun, yearn

to vanish for eternity.


I feel alone and yet surrounded,

centurions no comfort here.

Familiar place; I, the stranger,

no loving arms to hold me near.


The forgotten wood, still in time,

sounds and smells so overwhelming.

They fill my head ’til it will burst,

sights unimagined now informing.


I reach the brook and touch the flow,

close my eyes and picture sea.

Solitude, I’ve earned it, yet

my soul does not feel light or free.


I hear a voice, a desperate cry

the name they grasp, unknown to me.

But rooted, like the oldest oak,

stand firm, hold tight, I cannot flee.


It isn’t long before I’m found,

fingers wet from purest water.

A towel envelopes, a shout goes up,

two bonded with their only daughter.

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