Playing games on Radio Litopia

I joined Eve Harvey and Agent Pete in “the internet’s first and foremost online radio show” Radio Litopia’s Open House last Sunday. Pete had invented a new game… well, not new but his version of the classic ‘Charades’; the show is now available as a podcast and/or you can listen to it at or (I join them at 32 minutes in). The chatroom said I was the only one brave enough to Skype in but it’s not being brave… I love taking part and it’s everyone else who’s missing out. Open House takes place every Sunday at 6.30pm UK time (1.30pm Eastern time) and is about an hour / 90 minutes, although I’d recommend getting there 15-30 minutes beforehand as the chat room hots up (especially as the chat room does sometimes get full).

If you use the link you can listen as the show goes out and chat with other writers in the chat room about whatever Eve and Pete are talking about (anything and everything) or, as we so often do, go off at a tangent. Eve then reports back on what we’re chatting about (clean or otherwise!) so you can get yourself a mention or three. During the evening we play a host of games including choose a title for the show, limerick, anagrams, and the one I find impossible, where Pete’s recorded a book title, film etc and then plays it backwards! Although I did win a room in the Litopia mansion (Bailey’s Creative Doghouse; where we’ll be talking all about rejections once the ‘house’ is fully-formed).

If you can’t make Sunday then there’s always the panel show ‘Litopia After Dark’ on a Friday night (8pm UK / 3pm Eastern). I was a panellist back in February ( and talked about the then forthcoming World Book Night (the million book giveaway which divided the panel), had to pitch Thomas Edison’s ‘The Liver Complaint’ with a new angle (and score on the panel’s books)… again it was great fun and I’m now Eve’s reserve if she ever gets caught short of contributors.

But, as Pete says… to make sure you don’t miss out, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, email etc. and there are links dotted around the site (including the Feb link above). Not only can you listen again to the shows but there are extras such as Donna’s Debriefer and you can read the superb magazine Muse for FREE! Or if you can’t wait that long (although Sunday isn’t that far away now) listen anytime and chances are there’ll be a recorded episode playing on… I’m listening to last Sunday’s as I type this!

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