10… no, 20 mistakes writers make

Courtesy of the wonderful world that is Twitter:

http://www.broca.org/style.html lists 10 classic faux pas under the heading of ‘repeats’, ‘flat writing’, ‘empty adverbs’, ‘phony dialogue’, ‘no-good suffixes’, ‘the (verb) to be words’,  ‘lists’, ‘show don’t tell’, ‘awkward phrasing’ and ‘commas’, and ends with “The point to the List above is that even the best writers make these mistakes, but you can’t afford to. The way manuscripts are thrown into the rejection pile on the basis of early mistakes is a crime. Don’t be a victim.” Couldn’t have put it better myself (although I didn’t try too hard…)

Oh look, and here’s a similar list… http://pubrants.blogspot.com/2011/04/culprit-writing-mechanics.html

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