Author’s online presence: photo, book cover or ‘here’s one I made earlier’? raises an interesting point; should authors’ online ‘representation’ pictures be themselves, their books or their ‘avatar’ (I’ve just switched from one of my rather goofy, but adorable, -looking dog to this caricature) and how often should they change (this is my third photo in as many years). My first thought many moons ago on seeing a book cover was “ooh they’re published” but now (perhaps a little too cynically) is that they’re online to tout their new book… and up to a point, why not? If you can’t get an audience online then where can you? Library/Waterstone’s appearances?… exactly.

I do, however, prefer to see what the author looks like (albeit a holiday snap, jacket cover photo or tongue-in-cheek-showing-they-have-a-sense-of-humour-cartoon) because if you are going to strike up a conversation with them then talking to a jacket cover might feel as mad as… well, a character not letting you kill them off. OK, maybe not the best example to hand…

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