How does a writer be in it to win it and what could they win?

One of the hot topics of the moment is on an author presence; does an author have to have a high online profile to be successful. Whilst it certainly won’t do any harm (is bad publicity really bad publicity?… the jury’s out on Jacqueline Howett –, which lead me to watch the wonderful Will it does seem to be that you need to keep in the public eye to remain in the public’s mind; like actors who go from TV or film to the theatre, and every now and then come back to the big or small screen to remind us that they’re still actually alive.

What reminded me of this was listening to a not-so-old track on my iPod by Welsh singer Jem whose first album ‘Finally Woken’ was released to wide acclaim, and rightly so, back in 2004 and then she appeared to disappear back into obscurity. Wikipedia ( assures that she’s “currently working on her latest album” which, I learned was to be her third, the second clearly having passed me by in 2008. With all the technology we can consume, it should be easy to jump and up and down and say “pick me, pick me” but with so many voices straining to be heard, we may have to find new and inventive ways to be ‘picked’. As the saying goes, ‘you have to be in to win it’; and for some of us we just need to work out what it is we want to win.

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