Litopia After Dark (LAD) – every Friday night @ 8pm (3pm EST/noon PST)

Every Friday night (c. lunchtime in the US) Radio Litopia hosts a live, fun-but-ever-so-slightly-mad panel show called ‘Litopia After Dark’. If you click on (which you can do any time) you can listen in and log in (you don’t have to register but it does help… and it’s all free…) to join the panellists (and AgentPete / EveHarvey) and have your say in the chat room. You can give yourself a pseudonym (the wackier the better but no spaces) and Eve will report what we say throughout the programme. It’s best to log in about half an hour before the programme as the inane and sometime ane (if there’s such a word) chatter starts kicking off around then, before getting started around the 8pm (3pm/noon) mark. It then lasts about an hour and a half and eventually (with or without Pete’s editing) gets released on their website and iTunes (other outlets are available) and you’ll wonder where the time has gone. You’ve still got time (just about) to listen to a previous show so you know what you’re letting yourself in for (a treat, unless you have a really weak constitution) and a great example (I’m biased as I was a panellist that evening) is The other live event of the week is Sunday night’s Open House which starts 6.30pm (1.30pm EST / 11.30am PST) where you can Skype or phone in about any topic you like as well as join in lots of games and be challenged to the drinking game.

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