My podcast interview with crime novelist Lesley Cookman

Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast’s fifteenth special episode (length 32m10s) launched today, 19th April, featured my interview with crime novelist Lesley Cookman ( Here are the questions I asked her:

– Please tell us about you (how long have you been writing and how did you start?)

– How did you go from non-fiction to crime; is it what you like to read?

– Your eighth novel ‘Murder to Music’ has just been released, what was your experience of your novel acceptances?

– The map of Steeple Martin on your website looks very typically English village; is it exactly as you imagined it or did you get some external influence on the way it ended up looking?

– Has anyone compared it with an Agatha Christie Miss Marple setting?

– You’ve set the books in present time, have you ever been tempted to go back in history?

– Presumably the reason for setting your books in South East England is because you live there are therefore know it well. Libby goes to Cornwall in ‘Murder in the Green’; do you think the coast and murder goes well together and do you envisage anywhere more exotic for her?

– ‘Murder Imperfect’ and ‘Murder in Midwinter’ feature pantomimes, and you’ve even written a ‘How to’ book on the subject ( – how did you become involved in the theatre?

– Did you base Libby Sarjeant on anyone in particular?

– How many books do you plan for the rest of the series and/or do you plan to deviate from the series?

– Your books are available in paperback and ebook; have you found sales have increased with availability or both formats or is it difficult to judge?

– Do you like the covers of your books?

– How much research do you have to do for your books?

– I notice that you have a link to the Romantic Novelists’ Association ( on your blog, do you write any other form or genre of fiction?

– Do you find the editing takes longer than the writing? And which do you prefer?

– What advice would you give aspiring writers? – Considering it’s a heavily covered genre, but has never been so popular, is there a trick to writing fresh crime?

– What’s your favourite aspect of your writing life?

– Have you ever received direct feedback on your writing from your readers; people that you didn’t know already?

– You mentioned in a Facebook post that you’d been a guest at London Book Fair and “felt like a real, proper author”. After eight novels, what do you would need to do for you to be a real, proper author?

– Your website is with links to buy your books on Amazon ( – are there any other way of finding out about your work, to buy your books or perhaps meet you at a book signing?

Links to the podcast recording available on my website’s home page ( and in the ‘Where to find me’ menu on this blog.

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