The quietly growing Lincoln-based radio show/podcast Reading Room

Romance novelist (and former tutor/interviewee of mine) Sue Moorcroft introduced me to Lincoln-based Sire FM’s Reading Room podcast. Being a big fan of literary podcasts while walking the dog (if I’m not editing or writing as I walk), I particularly like this one because (a) Lincoln’s not a million miles away from me so feels local and (b) it’s friendly, chatty and once a month, something to look forward to.

With its mixture of interviews, reviews, poetry and short stories there’s something for everyone. The podcast can be found at (although I download it via iTunes) and the blog-type page also lists a summary of each show (nine to-date; which later become podcasts) and the tracks played during the show.

They’re also fairly new to Twitter ( and at the time of writing this, have just 51 tweets and almost as many followers but I’m in no doubt that this will grow as word spreads.