What is the average book deal structure for a first time fiction writer?

I’m currently compiling a writing guide (more about that another time) and whilst researching for time periods within fiction, I stumbled across http://tiny.cc/imzbt which asked the above question. Intrigued as to what the answer would be, I was a little disappointed (although not surprised) at the following ‘top rated’ answer:

‘It actually depends on the size of the publisher and what publishing firm that your working with. The smaller a lot more neighborhood firms will pay you the finest they can but it does not really evaluate to the quantity that you can make with massive publishers like Zondervan, Harvest Property, Multnomah, Random Home, Waterbrook. Also, there is usually the factor of how excellent the perform actually is, which unfortunately remains in the eye of the reader.’ So the answer really is ‘pretty much anything’.

I was however a little more cheered on by a link below, asking ‘What is the average yearly income for a book writer?’ (which links to http://tiny.cc/x45ao). Having heard a figure of around £7,000 (c. $10,000) p.a., I was hoping that it would come out with something a little more optimistic but was greeted with a not very useful ‘depends how a lot of u sell’. So I was left to wonder whether the website being called ‘http://www.helpmebaby.com’ should reconsider a name change to ‘http://www.notveryhelpfulsomeofthetimemebaby.com’.

3 thoughts on “What is the average book deal structure for a first time fiction writer?

  1. jackstr952 says:

    $10,000? I wish, Morgen. Marketing and promotion for any but the “big publishers” is mostly up to the author. It takes a lot of time just to figure out how best to market (and I’m still struggling with that after 18 months) then actually spend the time marketing, which of course, takes away from writing other books! Yet, we as writers MUST do it because it is who we are!


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