A Story a Day May: May 2nd – Alternate reality

Having been given the prompt of ‘Alternate reality’, here is today’s offering (again written almost at the last minute) entitled ‘Scales of the unexpected’:

Sophie had expected green eyes. The advert had promised her that. And it’s not that they weren’t attractive; they were actually stunning, made more so by the incredibly long matching eyelashes, but she’d have preferred a human body to be attached to them. The advert had said ‘unique’ and, for once, it was telling the truth. It had just left out the fact that when it said ‘male’ the other options were female, antine and provine. Not that Sophie had known that this particular species of non-human had four genders until Yemandis had told her… along with the history of his planet, his ancestors and some of their more peculiar customs. It was with relief then that the waiter had brought the bill and Yemandis had insisted on paying for the entire dinner… all sixteen courses. Well, he did have 10ft legs to fill. Even more of a relief when he looked her in the eyes; her two human blue ones with his six Antifden green ones and said “I’m sorry Sophie, it’s not you, it’s me.”

It’s only day 2 but already I can see this as being a challenge. I’ve ‘won’ (completed NaNoWriMo – http://nanowrimo.org) three times so I can write bulk in a short amount of time but with that, the only deadline is 50,000 words in the 30 days of November so if you miss a day (1667 words), you can make up for it the following day (which is why I’ve had the last week of November off for the past three years) but not so with http://storyaday.org. This needs to be kept on top of, another good discipline… and one I’m really happy to have thrust upon me.

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