10 Classic Reversal Scenes (thanks Yukon Graham and Leigh Russell)

Thanks to YukonGraham on Twitter for mentioning this: http://thescriptlab.com/features/the-lists/1069-10-classic-reversal-scenes

This page doesn’t list them but provides a chart on the right so you can see the individual entries (10 down to one) but explains that reversal scenes are ‘shifts’ (as we covered in a recent workshop with thriller writer Leigh Russell) where the character / audience are expecting one thing but something else happens. Looking at the list of 10 they’re all fairly well known films / classics so even if you’ve not seen the movie the chances are that you’ll know enough about it to realise how well the twist works.

You don’t have to be Roald Dahl but you do need complications in your writing, even a romance has stumbling blocks so that it takes a while for boy to get girl even if they met right at the beginning (Definitely Maybe is a good example of this).

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