Short stories – submission opportunities

30 May
  • Paraxis is a new online publisher of short stories. We relish fiction with elements of the strange, uncanny or fantastic. We will be featuring new stories, reprints, artwork and essays.
  • Short Story Submission Guidelines for The Fiction Desk at
  • Iota is publishing its first fiction/non-fiction issue and welcomes submissions of short fiction in any genre, including life writing and memoir for consideration for the second fiction issue. Please send short stories of between 2000 and 6000 words. All stories must be the original work of the author. We accept translations as long as they are identified as such. All work must be typed and double spaced. Please also send proposals (150 words) for features or essays. We also accept new fiction, biography and life writing for review, and copies should be sent to the Fiction Reviews Editor at the address below. Please email submissions and proposals to Closing date for submissions to the third Fiction & non Fiction issue is 31 July. See
  • I had an email from Patrick Hollander of the Hollander Literary Agency to say they are looking for short stories of any genre to pass on to publishers. His email said “In order to avoid confusion: This started when I was recently approached by colleagues within the UK publishing industry and asked to gather short stories with a view to publication, I do not know if this is for book, radio etc, but I set up as a Sole Literary Agent (if I said I was a baker or butcher then I doubt there would be any response). It is intended that I do the first-proof read and sort submissions in to genres. I will then pass them on to the publisher who may/may not use them and which is why it is important for the writer to put contact details on submissions. Correspondence will be between the writer and the publishers. I do not make a living at this nor do I intend to. Neither do I receive any payment for doing this but rather I am simply a funnel in to the publisher who will bear all costs etc. This sort of thing is not unusual in these days of e-books. The normal practice of Literary Agents placing work with publishers in the past has dropped off dramatically so some publishers are now doing their own thing. My own motivation for doing this is that as a writer myself I am hopefully giving something back to the writing community. Had I wanted to make money at it I would have simply set up a competition of sorts. There is therefore no web site and I am not registered anywhere. Hopefully this will address any concerns you may have but please email me if you have any questions or simply want more information. I obviously cannot divulge the publishers as the last thing they want is a deluge of telephone calls and emails. If any of your group are interested in submitting material we would be pleased to read and judge its suitability for our requirements. As I say, there are no costs involved to the writer but the following is essential if work is to be considered by us. Submission by email only please to 1. Use Word.doc format only. 2. Maximum 25 pages. 3. Name & Address, email address, Title, Genre should appear on the front page. 4. The story should finish with the words – End of story. 5. Please allow 12 weeks for us to read submissions. 6. No communication will be entered in to unless we feel there is potential in the story but we will offer advice where we feel it is needed. 7. Communication will be to the email shown on Page 1 of the submission. Thank you for your attention to this matter.” It sounds genuine but you may wish to tread carefully nonetheless.

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