Podcast interview with novelist Jane Davis part 1

Bailey’s Writing Tips special episode 24 is now available (links to iTunes, Feedburner etc. on the left-hand ‘Where to find me’ menu and on the home page of my website http://morgenbailey.com) and features the first part of my chat with novelist Jane Davis – below are the questions we discussed in this 48-minute episode:

– Please tell us a bit about you and how you came to be a writer.

– Did anyone in your family show an interest in writing or were you a family of readers?

– Your first novel is ‘Half-truths and White Lies’, have you read it again since it was published and are there parts of it that you would change?

– You won the Daily Mail First Novel Award 2008 for this novel, how did you receive the news? Any idea why the Award wasn’t repeated?

– Can you remember where you first saw ‘Half-truths and White Lies’ on the shelves?

– You have three narrators; 23-year old Andrea (the main protagonist), her godfather Peter Churcher and her aunty Faye – what made you go with more than one ‘voice’?

– From your description of the three characters, Faye is the one that immediately appeals to me because you say she’s misunderstood and is ‘prone to lengthy monologues’ (monologues are my favourite form of writing), do you have a favourite of the three or would that be like choosing between children?

– How important do you think having an agent is to a writer these days?

Jane’s website is http://www.jane-davis.co.uk which includes a link to her blog.

Part 2 questions are listed at http://wp.me/p18Ztn-ch and part 3 at http://wp.me/p18Ztn-cu.

2 thoughts on “Podcast interview with novelist Jane Davis part 1


    Morgen: I would be honored to have you interview me as a novelist.-My first book, Letters From A Chinese Angel, was published by Xlibris.cpm; also, available at Amazon.com).-The sequel, Mission to Moscow(Mystery on the Trans-Siberia Express) is written but not published yet.-It is the second in the AngelTeam series, and has a synopsis


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hi Charles. Due to time constraints and a backlog I can only interview a certain amount of authors via the audio podcast but I’ll happily email you some questions so that you can submit your written replies back for posting on to this blog. New postings will automatically appear as shortcuts on Twitter and Facebook so you would therefore be ‘advertised’ on all three sites. Morgen


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