Podcast interview with novelist Jane Davis part 2

Bailey’s Writing Tips podcast special episode 25 is now available (links to iTunes, Feedburner etc. on the left-hand ‘Where to find me’ menu and on the home page of my website http://morgenbailey.com) and features the second part (of 3) of my chat with novelist Jane Davis – below are the questions we discussed in this 35-minute episode:

– Although you have a publisher, do you think authors are taking on more of the responsibility for the publicity of the novels these days? (Jane mentions http://www.litopia.com/radio/live-events).

– What’s your experience of electronic ‘e’ books?

– Your author profile on Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jane-Davis/e/B0034P156Q/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1) tells of your dislike of classical music. It’s what I tend to listen to when I’m writing as there aren’t any words to distract me, what do you have in the background (if anything) when you’re writing?

– The Amazon page also talks of your stage fright, is this getting easier the more public events you do?

– I see you’re embarking on an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing, how important do you think a qualification like that is to a writer’s career? (we mention http://www.judithallnatt.co.uk and http://sallyspedding.com)

– Do you submit elsewhere, e.g. competitions? (Jane mentions http://www.youwriteon.com).

– Since giving up your ‘day job’, do you have to have a strict writing schedule?

– Presumably writing contemporary fiction, the need for research is fairly limited?

– What’s your favourite aspect of your creative life: writing, researching or editing?

– Have you been tempted to write another genre?

Part 1 is available as podcast special episode 24 (questions listed at http://wp.me/p18Ztn-bR), and part 3 as special episode 26 (questions listed at http://wp.me/p18Ztn-cu).

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