New feature: blog interviews

I’m a member of nine writing-related LinkedIn forums and just a few days ago on one of them I spotted the opportunity of being a guest blog interviewee. I was invited to answer some questions, which I did, and found it fun (as I did with a Who Hub interview a while back). Having also read comments from two other LinkedIn members, both offering the same service, one saying that she was currently closed for submissions (due to numbers received), the other picking up the gauntlet, I then (on Wednesday this week) threw mine into the ring and received 40 acceptances in the first 24 hours (with more coming in all the time… hoorah!).

Now armed with over a dozen completed questionnaires already, I’m planning on releasing one a day on this blog and the first, later today, will be from my fellow Radio Litopia colleague, horror / thriller / sci-fi writer Colin Barnes (

If you write (fiction or non-fiction) and would like to take part then all you need to do is email me at and I’ll send you the questions. You complete them, I tweak them (to reflect the blog ‘clean and light’ rating) where appropriate and then they join the queue to get posted. When that’s done, I email you with the link (which will also automatically appear on my morgenwriteruk Twitter and Facebook pages) so you can share it with your corner of the literary world. And if you have a writing-related blog and would like to interview me… let me know. 🙂

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