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14 Jun

I have two writing-related Twitter profiles, the main one being @morgenwriteruk and the other is @sentencestarts, the latter of which does what it says ‘on the tin’. Here are the beginnings posted today (to do with as you wish):

1491. It seems alien to me and yet… (first person)

1492. You kick at the wooden post… (second person)

1493. She’d kept it in her pocket for years… (third person)

1494. Simple enough a plan… (you can use any pov)

1495. I can feel my face paling… (first person)

1496. You’re enjoying it but… (second person)

1497. He was certainly going to have a go… (third person)

1498. The card wobbled… (you can use any pov)

1499. I try to keep quiet as he… (first person)

1500. You’re willing her to leave… (second person)

1501. Millie wondered what the male equivalent to mutton dressed as lamb was… (third person)

1502. The scroll had been written in… (you can use any pov)

Each set contains for different points of view so if you are weaker at one than the others, you may like to try these first. Second-person point of view is rarely used and is where the narrator is talking to the reader (you) rather than talking about him / herself. It’s one of my favourite points of view to write although not commercially popular which I think is a real shame, although having started reading Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights Big City (,_Big_City_%28novel%29) I do agree that it’s a viewpoint that gets tiring relatively quickly.

If you would like to follow either (or both would be lovely) of my Twitter profiles, the direct links are and respectively. The new posts from this blog appear as shortcuts in morgenwriteruk (and on my Facebook page – and I post new sets of beginnings at sentencestarts on a semi-regular basis.

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