How to beat writers’ block from Stewart Ferris & The London Writers’ Club

courtesy of an email from the London Writers’ Club: Beat writer’s block with writer and publisher, Stewart Ferris. Our June LWC speaker is publisher of the award winning independent publishers, Summersdale Publishers Ltd. and author of three books for writers. He shares with us his top 10 tips for beating writer’s block:
1.  Write a paragraph about why you can’t write.
2.  Get some air and clear your head.
3.  Stop thinking, just write from the heart.
4.  Go to a different part of your work and write from there, you don’t have to write in a linear fashion.
5.  Read another writer’s work for inspiration.
6.  Forget writing well – just write badly until you get through this patch then come back and improve it later.
7.  Go back and revise what you’ve already written – this will get you into the flow.
8.  Set a time limit in which you will write just one page and force yourself to go for it.
9.  Make a list of ways in which your work can be improved, then tackle one subject from that list.
10.  Think of a sparky new character with a tangential agenda to the main action that will throw everyone off course if introduced right now.*
Join us on Wednesday 29th June, to hear more words of wisdom and come with lots of questions as there will be plenty of time for q and a.  Book your ticket below. Remember members come free and you can introduce a guest to the club, just let us know their name. *From How to be a Writer, Summersdale Publishers Ltd., £4.99. More details of the event from THE LWC.

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