Blog visit milestone – a big “thank you”

Visits to this blog hit the grand milestone of 3,000 today (since launch 31st March 2011) and I’d like to take this opportunity of saying a big “thank you” (from the bottom of my clichéd heart) firstly to everyone who’s stopped by, especially those who have stayed long enough to leave comments, but also to all my blog interviewees (listed on because without them it would be half the blog (literally) it is today. I’m having such fun talking to new writers and going through their replies then talking to other writers (and readers) who are enjoying the posts and telling us so. I intend to keep posting interviews for as long as I have them coming in so if you’re reading this and write (to any extent, published or otherwise) then seriously, feel free to email me ( and get involved. I don’t bite and you get total choice as to which questions you answer (from a Word document) and how long it takes you to do so, and you never know you might even find it fun. So “thank you” for your support to-date and “thank you” in advance for the interview you know you’ll ultimately be too tempted not to take part in. 🙂

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