New podcast feature: red pen critique (interested?)

Given how popular the blog interviews are becoming (see, I shall be cutting down on the in-person or Skype author audio podcast interviews (currently two per month) so am considering a new feature for my weekly ‘Bailey’s Writing Tips’ podcast episodes: red pen critiquing.

In a similar vein to and, would any authors reading this be interested in submitting to me their work-in-progress complete short stories (preferred) or extracts (max c. 1000 words in either case) for me to ‘red pen’ then talk about in my podcasts? It’s a feature that Australian podcaster ‘Paula B’ (Paula Berinstein) offers in her c. 45-minute Writing Show ‘Slushpile workshops’ and I enjoy listening to them so am now thinking of doing the same thing. My episodes would be about half an hour long and probably every other Monday, in between the regular Monday mixed hints & tips episodes (standard episode 33 at the bottom of the Google’s Feedburner page is a typical example) and/or event review.

I’ve been critiquing my writing group for the past three years and love editing other people’s work as I don’t know the thought or meaning behind the writing and see it with fresh eyes (if I’ve not had a late night) – plus short stories are my first love. In every case the copyright of the writing remains with the author (and I will attribute each piece to them) but the podcasts are listened to worldwide so please bear this in mind (plus the podcast has a ‘clean’ rather than ‘explicit’ rating).

If you are very protective of your work, sensitive to negative but constructive feedback then this may not be for you but it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t learn something from listening to the episodes (links to the various ways of listening / subscribing are in the left-hand ‘Where to find me’ menu). If I have some willing volunteers then I can start recording in the very near future. If you are interested then feel free to email me and we’ll get the ‘red pen’ episodes rolling. 🙂

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