7 thoughts on “Author interview no.51 with crime novelist Kevin Thomas

  1. Charles Walter Wooten says:

    Morgen : I enjoyed reading this Interview, but I don’t think Kevin ever told us where he’s based. or did I miss it?-I guess it’s Britain.-Because of his accent!-(LOL!)-By the way, did you receive my recent e-mail,”Breaking News”?-I’m now in the process of writing the third novel in my AngelTeam series, making the series a Trilogy.-You said Trilogies seem very popular!-I hope you’re right!- I should have mentioned I like John Grishem


    • Charles Walter Wooten says:

      I meant I like John Grisham’s novels;probably have read everything he’s written!-Anything he writes is automatically a Best-Seller?-Wonder why?-
      I don’t think the crime-thriller genre is for me, although I do like those classic Sherlock Holms novels.-Something about those classic novels and short-stories that areenduring; that’s why they’re called “classics,” eh?-As I said in my Interview,


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thanks Charles. You’re right, Kevin is from Britain. He sounds just like me doesn’t he. 🙂 Received your email, thank you. I’m a bit behind on my Inbox. Series are popular because if a reader likes something they’ll want to read more so yes, fingers crossed.


  2. Charles Walter Wooten says:

    So far my genre is Adventure/Action-Thrillers/Mystery/Romance!-Did I leave out anything?-I do like John Grisham’s style, especially those novels that were made into movies!-Must be nice!-I do enjoy reading legal-novels in which the Defense-Attorney is the hero, winning his cases against all odds, and his client is innocent, of course!


  3. Charles Walter Wooten says:

    Someone once said you should write about what you know.-True, but we can still use our imagination, right?-Research always helps,too, to make our situations seem authentic.-Right?-My first novel is available as an e-book, but, unfortunately, I dont possess anE-Reader, like Kindle, yet!-I hold a Library card at our very excellent local library, and my first novle is on their shelves in the Adult-Fiction series.=Wish me good luck with my Trilogy,and my latest episode in that series, Journey to Jerusalem._It has lot of interesting side-plots/ back-stories, I think!-I can’t wait to see how it ends!


    • morgenbailey says:

      Absolutely. Writing what you know makes it authentic but most of us haven’t lived the lives that we want for our characters. So unless you’re writing sci-fi/fantasy, it has to be believable / grounded. Congrats on your library taking your first novel; they are good like that. If you can’t wait to see how your latest turns out then hopefully the reader will feel the same. 🙂


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