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A big “thank you” – 6,000 blog visits since 31.03.11

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited (and especially those who have revisited) this blog since I started it at the end of March.

I really enjoy posting and more recently (mid-June) ‘meeting’ all the authors who have volunteered to lay themselves (and their photographs) bare for the world to see… yes, literally. To name just a few I’ve had western, crime and horror writers from the UK, paranormal romance from Spain, historicalites (or should that be historicalitesses) from Australia, biographers and scriptwriters from the US, and children’s / YA from Canada and receiving new enquiries enabling me to keep posting at least one interview a day.

So my thanks go not only to the readers but also to the contributors. Without them (‘you’ if you’re reading this and have taken part) this really wouldn’t be the blog it is today without you. For as long as there are authors who’d like to take part I’ll gladly keep going because not only do I love the initial contact but look forward to reading all about you… and then adding my comments as if we were sitting chatting in front of the fire (which believe me, despite being 22nd July, I could do with right now).

In addition to the interviews I shall keep posting competition information, hints and tips, pieces of flash fiction (some poetry, although this is not my strong point – feedback always welcome in that regard!) and other websites to visit.

If you’d like to get in touch for whatever writing-related reason my email address is and if you’d like to take a look at my website ( then you’d be very welcome. Oh, and the 100th blog interview (19th August) with be with me so if there’s anything you’d like to know about me feel free to ask.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my clichéd heart. 🙂

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Today’s sentence starts

Here are today’s beginnings to do with as you wish:

1539. I can’t get a signal… (first person)

1540.  It looks blurred but you can’t be sure…. (second person)

1541. As he tapped out the message… (third person)

1542. It was the best meal… (you can use any pov)

1543. I recognise him from the plane… (first person)

1544. You’re dying for a cigarette… (second person)

1545. Damien really did like to cut a short story long… (third person)

1546. Digging into the bowl of… (you can use any pov)

1547. I’m surprised at how many people… (first person)

1548. You try to be careful… (second person)

1549. As Tyson dashed across the squash court… (third person)

1550. The workforce laid down their tools… (you can use any pov)

1551. I try and make small talk… (first person)

1552. You know it’s the right thing… (second person)

1553. Chloe looked at the yellowed walls and ceiling… (third person)

1554. There was a cold draught… (you can use any pov)

1555. It’s the squeaking I can’t stand… (first person)

1556. You look bored but… (second person)

1557. Stefan stuck his tongue out like a three year old… (third person)

1558. It wasn’t going to make a millionaire out of… (you can use any pov)

Each set of four contains for different points of view so if you are weaker at one than the others, you may like to try these first. One of my favourites is the second-person point of view which is rarely used and not particularly commercially welcomed. It’s where the narrator is talking to the reader (you) rather than talking about him / herself or another person and I’d recommend anyone who’s not tried it before to do so. It may take a bit of getting used to but hopefully it’ll grow on you as much as it did me. 🙂 You can read more starts here.

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