7 thoughts on “Author interview no.72 with historical and contemporary fiction novelist Anna Jacobs (and sci-fi as Shannah Jay)

  1. Rosanne Dingli says:

    This was rather different to others I have read here. Anna is so experienced and confident it’s lovely to read her experiences – and being a fellow Western Australian I cannot fail to applaud her choice of residence.


  2. Elise McCune says:

    Thanks Anna for an insightful interview. As well as writing wonderful stories you are also generous with your writing tips. I for one will be taking note of and following your good advice. Thanks again for sharing.

    Kind regards
    Elise McCune


  3. eaharwik says:

    What a wonderful treat. I’ll confess to being a huge Anna Jacobs fan. I seek her books out for reading as I find they offer a guarantee of a pleasurable journey somewhere away from day-to-day ordinariness. Rather strange for I, like you, would have confessed to not going out of my way to read historical literature. I loathe the bleak details of how women were treated not so long ago. Yet with Anna all the misery en route seems somehow over pinned by the reward of a destination.

    I’m with you also with science fiction writing. I just don’t get it and yet I recently treated myself to an ebook version of ‘Envoy’ by Shannah Jay. Not sure why. I may have been trying to punish myself or perhaps I was trying to judge Anna by reading a novel she’d written that I could put down. The exercise backfired. I found myself glued to Envoy and couldn’t escape. I absolutely loved it. I guess I discovered good reading is all in the telling and the writing. Something Anna Jacobs never fails at. I really am ready now to read anything with her name(s) on the cover. — Thank you Morgan (Thank you Anna).


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you Erin. I have let Anna know that you stopped by but I’m sure she’ll be delighted with your comments and reply too. Morgen (with an ‘e’, don’t worry, happens all the time :))


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