5 thoughts on “Author interview no.78 with multi-genre writer James Dorr

  1. jamesdorrwriter says:

    Hi Morgen! Sorry if I seem to be checking in late, but it’s still breakfast time this side of the ocean. This looks really neat and thank you so much for inviting me to chat. If anyone else has questions or comments, I’ll try to get back now and again though it may take awhile (remember time differences;-) )

    Thanks again,


  2. Kate Sender says:

    Greetings, thank you for the invite via Damnation Books. I also write shorts and poetry, and it’s so refreshing to see someone who’s attained success in those venues without burning a ‘brand’ on one’s rump. I’m an emerging writer and am consistently being told by others to brand myself, but my muse creative runs from the branding iron. Thanks for validating my path as one that can lead to success, meaning readers.
    Write On!


  3. James Dorr says:

    Pauline and Kate, thank you for your comments! The thing, for creative writing, is to have fun doing it I think. A breakthrough for me really was, when I backed off from freelancing nonfiction, deciding to no longer think of making a living from writing but rather to consider whatever I earned as an extra — to be invested for future retirement or saved for a trip of vacation or something, sonething I wouldn’t normally do. That said, however, I now add a plug: VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) was officially published this morning as an August listing (just missing July but, hey, what’s a day) by Sam’s Dot Publishing. For those interested there’s a link to the publisher on my blog.


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