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They get their own back… interviews of me.

Some months ago I did an interview with Who Hub and I really enjoyed it so when Teresa Morrow asked me to partake with her I had no hesitation and I liked the result, although the link isn’t currently working. I’ll change this page when it does. 🙂

Just today the lovely Jess C Scott posted her interview with me and I have another upcoming with Winn Smith.

For this blog’s 100th author interview I shall be interviewing myself. Not because I’m vain (I’m really not) but because I’ve seen, or will have seen by 19th August, 99 other authors (with more to come) answer most if not all (the latter in most cases) of the questions I put to them so it only seems fair for me to answer them too. 🙂

And I’m inviting anyone reading this to email me with questions you have about me or about the craft of writing, and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge, in the interview with myself which will be posted on Friday 19th August (my 44th birthday). 🙂

And / or if you have a blog and would like to interview me, feel free to email me. And / or if you’d like me to do a guest post, just let me know – I’ve done a few of those and have enjoyed them. So thank you one and all for dropping by, staying a little while and if the experience was a pleasant one, hopefully coming back from time to time.

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