22 thoughts on “Author interview no.88 with writing duo Jack Everett and David Coles

  1. jack595 says:

    Before anyone else gets in I would like to thank Morgen for her professionalism, her tactful questioning and for becoming-although she doesn’t know it yet- one of our mates.

    • morgenbailey says:

      Ah bless… just read this. Thank you Jack, that’s lovely. Happy to be mates with anyone involved in writing (especially when they spell my name correctly). I’m a literary tart. 🙂

      • Melodie Campbell says:

        Couldn’t let it go by….I assume one means ‘mates’ in the British slang context, as opposed to ‘mates’ in the somewhat more universally held definition?
        Just asking as a shy Canadian, you know…

  2. Mary McFarland says:

    Morgen, I’ve discovered Jack and David via interaction on Crime Space. I’ve got my greedy hands on 1/1 – Jihad: Britain, and I’m delighted to be reading this novel. Jack, with whom I’ve communicated – not yet having the pleasure of talking to David – is so great. He really does care about readers (It helps that I’m also reviewing 1/1 – Jihad: Britain). But regardless, Jack is fun and direct and answers all my questions. I can’t wait to see what this pair writes next, and I’ve already gone for The Tourist.

    • morgenbailey says:

      Thanks Mary. They’ll be delighted with your comments here and I’ll tweet / Facebook your site. If I can interest you in taking part in one of my interviews feel free to email me (morgen@morgenbailey.com).

  3. Melodie Campbell says:

    Jack and David, I am particularly struck by your advice: “Seek criticism, but don’t let it affect your desire to write”. This is a wonderful way to put a very difficult dilemma for writers. I can’t think of any other creative profession where each piece of work you do is commonly criticized in writing by numerous individuals in a public forum.
    Thanks for this intelligent and entertaining interview!

  4. David Coles says:

    At last… David here (Jack rises at unearthly times, I go to sleep at unearthly times!) and Morgen a UK person, great, I thought our time-zones were close. What nice comments, I really get a thrill from someone who has read some of our work; when someone thinks it good enough to read, it really does make it worthwhile… also good for street-cred with grandkids!

  5. W.S. Gager says:

    Great interview. I’m familiar with Jack but didn’t know he wrote with David. That has got to be tough at times but they seem to have it down pat. I love the 25 mile space between them…
    Thanks for a great interview Morgen!
    W.S. Gager

  6. Marja McGraw says:

    Great interview, and I can’t wait to read the book(s). My assumption is that I’ll enjoy it so much that I’ll have to run right out and buy the next one. It’s encouraging to hear how well the two of you work together, too.

    You have a wonderful site, Morgen.

    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you Paula, and I recognise you from Twitter. 🙂 I think I said this there but I’m always looking for interviewees so if I can tempt you to take part, feel free to email me (morgen@morgenbailey.com).

  7. thrillerwriter Michael Parker says:

    Hallo Morgen, I’m a colleague of Jack & Dave although I’ve never met them. Our association is through Acclaimed Books. I enjoyed the interview; it was like being in the same room. Must be your technique. Should help ‘Everett Coles’ to sell more books. I have read and reviewed Jihad Britain (Amazon) and was pleased to see it made a national, UK daily (The SUN).

    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you so much Michael. Pardon the pun but I’m thrilled to hear from you. I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to invite you to an interview and will email you now. 🙂 And hoorah to Jack & David for the Sun – I buy it occasionally and love the ‘sun spots’ as they often inspire.

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