38 thoughts on “Author interview no.92 with mystery / thriller writer Robert O’Hanneson

  1. Sunny Frazier says:

    Morgen, if you don’t know who Dennis Lehane is, you need to pick up Mystic River. I cried when I read the first paragraph.

    Robert, we are so happy to have to signed on with Oak Tree. I’m personally looking forward to having another San Joaquin Valley author to promote alongside.

    Great interview!


  2. Paula Petty says:

    Great interview, Robert, and good advice.–write, write, write. I agree about writer’s block. I may not be sitting at the computer clicking the words on the keyboard, but I am constantly visualizing scenes and actions in my mind.
    Thanks for the advice.


  3. Patricia Gligor says:

    I enjoyed reading this interview. I love to learn what “tricks of the trade” other writers use, what works for them. This article really covered all the bases and gave a lot of sound advice for writers.


  4. jack595 says:

    Another splendid interview Morgen. What a terribly interesting background Robert has of fair rides and carnival. A vast array of background information on which to base novels. Keep it up, I know of no one else writing in that genre which gives you all sorts of a head start.


  5. Theresa Varela says:

    This was a great interview. There’s something about a carnival that just breathes intrigue. Sharing about the realities of writing, editing and rejections confirm for me I’m in the right spot. I have been looking for my next book to read and Possum Belly Queen is it. Thanks!


  6. Marta Chausee says:

    Great interview, Morgen! Great responses, Robert. The years of personal and professional life experience are what make books by mature authors so rich and delicious, I believe. I’m on my way to Amazon right now to read a 2010 Dark Oak Mystery Contest winner!

    Marta Chausee, author
    Resort to Murder mystery series


  7. Michael Watson says:

    Great interview, Robert, from one of the Posse. So far I’ve read the 1st Chapter. Very good. It’s nice to hear about how other debut writers got started. Good luck on your next books. Thanks for sharing with us, Morgan.


    • morgenbailey says:

      You’re welcome Michael. At least half the credit goes to the authors because without them I’d be interviewing myself (which I will be doing for the 100th :)) and considering the questions are practically the same each time, they make the interviews feel unique (to me anyway).


  8. Carol Crigger says:

    Excellent interview, Robert. You are so lucky to have such a trustworthy first reader! Doesn’t Morgen have the best set of questions to introduce you (and the other interviewees) to the world? And I love that she posts her own take on what the writer has said. Really helps to dig into the story! Possum Belly Queen sounds so intriguing. Sigh. So many good books to read–so little time.
    Two Feet Below


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you Carol. I’m so glad you think so and will look forward to posting yours on 1st September. I started interviewing on my podcast nearly a year ago so the first set of blog questions (only back in June) came from then but I’ve added quite a few in since then… and surprisingly the authors want to answer most if not all of them. 🙂


  9. Augie says:

    I loved this interview thank you Morgen. Robert–woo is all I can say. As a child I loved to go to carnivals, Big Tops etc, but always had a fear of being left there alone and in the dark, so I am looking forward to reading Possum Belly Queen, I’m already in suspense posse buddy.


  10. Sally Carpenter says:

    Enjoyed your interview and learned something about another Oak Tree Press author. Your unique world of amusement parks sounds fascionating–there’s nothing “amusing” about murder! Best of luck with your new book!
    Sally Carpenter
    “The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper”
    Oak Tree Press


  11. Lesley Diehl says:

    I wish I had a nickel, no wait, that’s so 1980’s, I wish I had a dollar for every writer who had to get rid of a bad agent and then went it alone successfully. It can be done, and Robert is one example of how to do it, especially if you can find a supportive small publisher like Oak Tree. Write on, Robert!


  12. Bonnie BA Kelly says:

    As a kid, I never really liked amusement parks because of motion sickness problems that took all the fun out of the rides, but now I can just sit back with Robert’s story, hold the book very still, and enjoy the whole experience.
    Thanks Robert.
    And best of luck with the movie, which I am afraid I would have to skip, because I’m still not over that inner ear balance thing that turns my stomach upside down.


  13. John M. Daniel says:

    Morgen, I enjoy these interviews you conduct. Thanks for introducing writers to readers.
    Robert, I look forward to reading Possum Belly Queen. Carnies are a breed apart, and since they sell thrills, they’re well suited to thriller fiction. I wish you success with this novel and the future novels to come.


  14. Marilyn Meredith says:

    I read Possum Belly Queen and loved it. It’s a bit grittier than what I usually read, but this one held my interest from beginning to end. I was fortunate enough to meet Robert and his lovely wife at the last Public Safety Writers Conference and had to buy the book just to find out what a Possum Belly Queen could possibly be. And yes, you need to read Dennis Lehane–Mystic River is a good choice.


  15. marta chausée says:

    Fantastic interview. I learned a lot. Thank you, Morgen and Robert. I’m off to Amazon right now to purchase a book that will keep me at the edge of my Wilde Maus seat.

    Marta Chausée
    author, Resort to Murder series


  16. sirsteve L. Brayton says:

    Great interview. I can’t wait until mine is featured. I think Ms. Bailey’s questions are wonderful for eliciting information and Robert’s answers were very personable and intelligent. Should be a good book.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thanks Steve. I’m surprised, given that most of the questions are the same each interview how different they can be. That’s definitely down to the interviewee… OK 95% them 5% me 🙂


  17. Gus Cileone says:

    Great interview with Robert O’Hanneson. The excerpt from the novel shows what a good writer he obviously is. It’s nice to read about a fellow Dark Oak contest winner (my novel, A Lesson in Murder was also published by Oak Tree Press). It’s always interesting to find out how other writers deal with plot, characters, rejection, and promotion.


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