2 thoughts on “Author interview no.109 with multi-genre writer Kevin Broughton

  1. Jane says:

    As usual Kevin you both amuse and inform. It is great working with you on the Writers for Welfare project and it was huge fun each week competing against you on the above mentioned weekly competitions run by Sue Welfare, where we all met (Morgen, Kevin and I).

    I am really impressed with your out-put and what you have and are achieving, and I am sure given the talent you have, which has been evident ever since meeting on Facebook, that you are destined for great things……your ideas are always off the wall and littered with humour and yet, having read The Dandelion a while back, you show a depth of feeling and emotion about something most people would not really give much thought to. Many sound off about Global Warming and loss of species daily, but your story would really bring the message home if it were widely read I am sure. Good luck with the rest of it.

    Morgen, thanks for asking Kevin for interview, it has been enlightening and informative and I have often wondered what he was working on and is achieving and now I know.

    Another great interview, thanks to both of you.

    Kevin, we shall no doubt ‘chat’ soon. The very best of luck with all your projects. I look forward to seeing your work on TV soon I hope.


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