16 thoughts on “Author interview no.116 with multi-genre writer JD Mader

  1. Rosanne Dingli says:

    This showed me a slightly different side to the Dan I know on LinkedIn. I found a careful writer with a love for words, which is not as common as one might think. Many people say they are fond of telling stories, but a few writers, like Dan, confess to a love for language, which I adore myself. Loading Joe Cafe onto my Kindle is now a matter of urgency.


  2. Neil L. Yuzuk says:

    Kudos to you Morgen, for bringing out a somewhat different Dan than I met on LI and FB. And Kudos to Dan for going along with Morgen and being open and sharing. It occurs to me that this felt like a conversation between friends more than an interview. Thanks for letting us be the fly on the wall.


  3. morgenbailey says:

    Thank you Rosanne, Neil. LinkedIn is a family isn’t it… and isn’t it great. “Loading Joe Cafe onto my Kindle is now a matter of urgency” I love that. 🙂

    More than happy to have you cling to the wall for as long as you like… let me know when you get hungry. 🙂


  4. Daniel Pagel (paper) says:

    ” I am the top poster, actually – and I will get massive amounts of grief for mentioning that.”

    Umm.. They’re a difference between “top” and “most frequent”. LOL!!!

    I’ve enjoyed reading Dan’s stuff for years now, and consider him a friend, although we’ve never physically met. Not sure if that legally makes me a stalker? But at some point in time in the future, I look forward to sharing a meal and laughs with he and his family.. And showing him how to catch fish would be an extra bonus.

    So, thank you Morgen for giving us all at the KLR forum plenty of informational tidbits in which to jab Dan with.. It’s always in good fun, and always with well deserved respect..

    And I’m Dan’s BIGGEST fan!! It’s not that I actually like his writing, but it’s because I’m kinda fat.. 🙂 And yes, I loved Joe Cafe.. I heartily recommend it, and I actually had to pay for my copy..


  5. ksbrooks says:

    Morgen, Dan – fantastic interview. Dan – your responses are so honest & poignant. Kudos to you for that. Was checking out some Joe Cafe reviews just the other day – they were glowing – sounds like you write the same way. Congratulations. 🙂


  6. JD Mader says:

    Wow, thanks everybody! I’m glad that this interview seemed to resonate with someone. Morgen did a great job with it and made my part very easy. I read the ‘live’ review right before bed last night and woke up to this – brilliant!

    Rosanne – Thank you. I am entirely intrigued, given what I know of you, to know what you think of JC.

    Neil – Thanks. On linkedin, I’m usually in a rush. I got to take my time and THINK a little here. 🙂

    Michael – Thanks man. The work I do is interesting. And I get so much out of it. I am very lucky.

    Dan – Shucks. Thanks brother. And you’re not fat, it’s just that bacon adds to bone density. 😉

    Kat – Thanks! I really appreciate it. I’ve been blessed with good reviews so far. And with meeting all y’all fine people.


  7. Stoney Compton says:

    Great interview, you two! The one thing I am finding in common with most of your interviewees is the “need” to write as opposed to “want” to write. That makes us all part of the same tribe, or clan. I feel like I meet family members here.


  8. JD Mader says:

    I’ll take all the ‘family’ I can get. The more the better. 😉

    Thanks for checking it out Yvonne and Stoney. You guys rock. Morgen, you’re doing the big sis thing pretty well. You haven’t even broken anything and blamed it on me yet. 🙂


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