Bonus material: from Nathan Weaver “I’ve Got This Great Idea for a Book…”

Short story writer, poet, lyricist, soon-to-be-novelist and interviewee no.29 Nathan Weaver posted a wonderful article on the Murder By 4 blog back in May 2011 which starts…

So you’ve got a great idea for a book, right? But maybe you’re like me and you’ve mostly written short stories so far, and you’re not sure how to tackle the daunting task? Or maybe you haven’t written anything since that Valentine’s Day card you gave Sally Pinkerton back in the third grade? How in the world are you going to tell this amazing story that everybody needs to read? And how are you going to get it published and in their hands? 

Nathan told me that “it’s about a few things I’ve learned along the way, and hopefully some encouraging words to up-and-coming writers who get bogged down” but I think you’re never too old (experienced) to learn something new.

He says in the piece that “Ten years later, you’ve got an outline and no book” and only today one of the LinkedIn forum threads was from someone who has been “a full-time author for four years, and still no novel” – how serendipitous. I guess she’s got six years to go. 🙂

You can read Nathan’s article in its entirety at: and when you’ve read, enjoyed and digested that and have a few minutes to spare you’d be very welcome to read my ‘short’ The Threadbare Girl as part of Nathan’s Rogues Gallery. The Threadbare Girl is one story (and one half of a two-part) from a collection of 32 stories which be available as eBook shortly.

Nathan Weaver is a husband and father, Video Production Specialist at Missouri S&T, lyricist for Blue Solace, independent filmmaker, and writer too. He’s been writing since childhood, but not well until later years. He despises having to write blurbs about himself, and it never helps when it’s in third-person. Most of his works in “written form” are usually crime, mystery or horror and often obtain elements of fantasy or science fiction. When writing screenplays or plays, he delves more into comedy but finds it difficult to write humour in short story or novel form.


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