24 thoughts on “Author interview no.125 with writer John Lindermuth

  1. Margaret Blake says:

    Fabulpous interview, John, so many golden rules for new writers and old ones, like me, as well.
    I always learn something from your interviews, that’s a bonus. Lots of luck with your writing in the future.

    Cheers, Margaret.


  2. Don Helin says:

    Hi John and Morgan: What a great post. I enjoyed it. While I write thrillers, I enjoy historical fiction. Love Ken Follett’s new series on the 20th century, and also Jeff Shaara’s series. But I’m still a thriller lover at heart.


  3. williamdoonan says:

    Enjoyed the interview, John. I wish I was as productive. Do you find that your work with the historical society informs your writing? Historical fiction is always a challenge, but I imagine having that ‘in’ could be of great benefit. For my upcoming Oak Tree Press book, American Caliphate, I set a chapter in sixteenth century Spain, and that was by far the most difficult chapter to write (though hopefully not to read).

    William Doonan


    • J. R. Lindermuth says:

      It’s definitely a plus, William. I have access to a ton of research material on varying historical eras. And doing research for others hones my skill in that capacity. I love research, and there’s nothing like on-the-job training.
      Going back as far as the 16th century had to be a challenge, though.


  4. Augie says:

    Morgen love the interview.
    John you are awesome, how many can plot, plan and rewrite in their heads…not me. This is a grand interview, love the history about your life too. Augie


  5. Marja McGraw says:

    Both good questions and interesting answers. I’ve got to quit reading so many blogs because I keep finding new books that I know I’ll want to read, which is a compliment, John. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Paula Martin says:

    Great questions and answers! Love you comment about being a pantser, John. You’ve explained exactly how I work too – start with a general idea but enjoy the surprises my characters often give me and the sudden twists I wasn’t expecting.
    Good luck with your recent submission – an sure WCP will snatch it up! .


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