5 thoughts on “Author interview no.130 with supernatural mystery, historical and short story writer Geoffrey Guiver

  1. Col Bury says:

    Another fascinating insight into a writer’s life, and topped with some sharp writing.

    Since you’re near Oxford, Geoffrey, I’m wondering if we have a mutual friend… Adrian Magson?

    Keep plugging away.



  2. morgenbailey says:

    Hello Col.

    Thank you for your comment, I’ve emailed Geoff to say you’ve popped by. I met Adrian for the first time when I interviewed him for my podcast in June this year and he’s been great, suggesting interviewees for me (he also let me interview him for this blog), we natter on Twitter and Facebook, and even listed my website (morgenbailey.com – which now mainly points to this blog) at the back of his ‘Write On!’ book released this August. Can I tempt you to take part here? 🙂



  3. Geoffrey Guiver says:

    Hello Morgen,

    It’s a real pleasure to join your blog interviews. Many thanks for inviting me to join such distinguished company. At the very least, this has to be worth an acknowledgment when Saxon is published!

    Thanks also for forwarding Col’s comment – I’ll email him directly.

    Very best



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