5 thoughts on “Author interview no.133 with novelist Terri Giuliano Long

  1. Rosanne Dingli says:

    Slanting novels towards a family view is a lovely thing – there is a lot to be found in families: love, hatred, violence, envy, despair… you find all this and more in a group of people that we are trained traditionally to think of as ‘loving’ and ‘intimate’. The dichotomy is amazing. Robert Goddard uses the family as the basis for his fascinating mysteries. I liked this – well done, Terri and Morgen.


  2. Terri Giuliano Long says:

    Thank you so much, Rosanne! That’s precisely the reason I enjoy writing about family. We have certain expectations about family life – often having to do with what we think it should be (perhaps formed by television and movies); yet, with family, our emotions are almost always heightened, so it stands to reason that we’d experience the emotional upheaval you mention. This fascinates me!

    Thank you again for your insight and perspective!


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