Flash Fiction Friday 002: Neil L Yuzuk’s ‘Captain Jack’s Cave’

Welcome to the second Flash Fiction Friday and the second piece of flash fiction in this new weekly series. Last week’s was a story entitled ‘Green’ by JD Mader. Tonight’s is ‘Captain Jack’s Cave’ by crime novelist Neil L Yuzuk

The Crooked Corsair’s Cave looked as good a place as any to get out of the heat and fierce tropical sun. I opened the door, stepped in and waited for my eyes to adjust to the dark cave-like interior. The aroma of food made my mouth water and snatches of gay conversation filled the air. One gruff voice dominated, “C’mon matey and shut the door, you’re letting the hot air in.”

I sensed someone near and a woman’s arm took mine, “Come in and I’ll guide ye to a table. Captain Jack’s about to fill the air in here with some bullshit story about his pirate days and ye don’t wantta miss it. Jack,” she shouted, “Jack let me get this one seated and ordered and then ye can start.”

“Quickly lass, the day’s growin’ old.”

As we walked I began to make out the interior. It looked like a Disney Pirates of the Caribbean set, but the furnishings here were heavily weathered. A large dark-skinned man dressed as a pirate sat comfortably in a captain’s chair on a small stage, his peg leg resting on a stool and a schooner of beer was within easy reach. A parrot perched on a stand behind him.

“Here ye be, sir,” she said as we approached what looked like the last empty table – lucky me. I sat and almost laughed out loud at the theatrics. But I was on vacation, so what the heck.

“And what would ye be having to drink?”

I looked at my companion, who was dressed as a pirate wench with a low-scooped top that hinted at pleasures to be revealed. Her clear café au lait complexion was matched with a saucy grin and dark eyes that examined me as frankly as my blue ones did her.

“Your best rum with ice, and,” I looked at the chalked menu on the wall, “the grilled snapper with a small mixed salad.”

“That’s a good choice, the snapper’s fresh caught,” she said with that same smile. I looked at even white teeth, pink lips and real eyebrows – no makeup, all natural. Not the usual woman I would meet in the city. She tossed her long and wavy honey-gold hair at my examination as if to say, ‘Like what you see?’ Instead I heard, “I’ll have your drink right away.” She turned and with a swish of her hips she hurried away leaving behind the aroma of her perfume, musk—my favorite. She was back quickly with my drink. I took her wrist and asked, “And what be your name, saucy wench?”

“Never ye mind . . . and ye best watch your manners in front of Captain Jack. He doesn’t like his wenches to be pestered.” She slapped softly at my hand, I held on.

“Daniella lass, can we get started?” Jack called from the stage.

“Soon as me bucko unhands me.”

I released her wrist and said, “Miss Daniella, we’ll talk later.”

She smiled and bustled away. I had to have her, she was going to be mine. The parrot began to squawk, “Oyez, Oyez,” and Jack started his pirate tale, but I wasn’t listening as I stalked her with my eyes. Occasionally I saw her looking at me. I sensed her hunger, but mine was greater. I needed to feed.

It was later that night, after we’d made love, I looked down at her resting my weight on my forearms as I cupped the face that had captivated me between my hands. I turned her so I could see the left side of her neck; I leaned forward and pressed my lips to the spot that was warmed by the flow of blood through her carotid artery. I touched it with the tip of my tongue and gave her a tiny nip with my teeth.

“Oh now, is that the way ye roll?’


With unexpected strength she flipped me and I was on the bottom looking up.

“And this be how I roll,” she said with a fanged grin and she leaned forward.

“That’s just what I was hoping for,” I replied as I reached for her with my own fangs.

We fed on each other that night and have hunted together, ever since the day we met in Captain Jack’s Crooked Corsair’s Cave.

I asked Neil what had prompted this piece and he said…

The inspiration behind “Captain Jack’s Cave?” hmm . . . I was in Washington, D.C. and a LI site was having a short story contest. The story needed a pirate, a cave and it had to be under 700 words. Ergo, “Captain Jack’s Cave” was born. I tried to give it a modern twist rather than doing a version of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a variation of another short story I once wrote in the YA genre. It didn’t win, but it was fun to write. Morgen likes it, so that makes it a winner. Enjoy!

I do. Thank you Neil.

Neil L. Yuzuk was born in Brooklyn, New York. Now retired after twenty-two years, as a SPARK Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor, he wrote Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight, after collaborating with his police officer son on a screenplay of the same name. The book was a finalist in the Global eBook Awards in the category of suspense / thriller.

The second book in the series, Beachside PD: The Gypsy Hunter is in pre-publishing, and will be available in December, 2011.

He’s working on the third book in the series, entitled Beachside PD: Undercover, as well as a screenplay: Fade To Light. Another book, Zaragossa: Fruit of the Vine is also in the works.

Neil’s co-author son, David A. Yuzuk was born in Brooklyn, NY and has been working in law enforcement for the past 14 years in southern Florida. He is also working on a prequel to the Beachside PD series called, Beachside PD: Cities of Sand and Stone.

David is the author of a soon to be released children’s book entitled, “The Legend of the Smiling Chihuahua.” He says “It’s my hope to create something positive and uplifting with my little story. If it can inspire children of all ages to follow their dreams, then who knows how beautiful this world can be.”

Let me know how you go David. 🙂 

If you’d like to submit your 1,000-word max. stories for consideration for Flash Fiction Friday take a look here.

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 002: Neil L Yuzuk’s ‘Captain Jack’s Cave’

    • morgenbailey says:

      You’re so welcome Neil. You all are. I say it swings in roundabouts (well, I don’t because it’s a cliche) – I provide the space and so many authors are very willing to fill it so we’re all grateful. 🙂


  1. David Yuzuk says:

    Morgen thanks for the platform that you have created that allows writers to express themselves and have some fun! Nice job on the story, pops, very cute.


  2. morgenbailey says:

    Thank you everyone. I’m a big fan of flash fiction and am always amazed what can come out “to kill a bit of time” (I set three or four 10/15 minute exercises for my group every other Monday and I’m loving what comes out) – I hope that amazement never fades. 🙂


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