Guest post: eBook publishing by Joseph V Sultana

I’m especially delighted (because he’s a friend :)) to bring you this guest blog post, today on the topic of eBook publishing by medieval post-apocalyptic novelist Joseph V Sultana.

Working with an eBook publisher

With nearly 90,000 words burning an impatient hole into my hard drive and time ticking away to 2012, I needed to get published urgently. I tried the traditional route and although I hadn’t met with anything overly critical, I also hadn’t met with any success either.

While doing lots of research into self-publishing I found Book Sanctuary. I studied the website and did a bit checking on the business and like me it was a start-up. I did some simple background research which checked out. So a quick email, and soon after, a telephone conflab with Thomas Whitehead, one of the directors of the publishing house, it soon became evident that their business model appealed to me in a huge way.

And I assure you that I looked at every reason why I should not go with them.

I then thought that I too am a start-up and so for me to ask for a risk to be taken on me, I was willing to take the same risk on them. Soon an agreement was met and after I approved their edits… the rest is history or rather this story.

So ‘Unsceptred Isle – Three of a Kind’ was quietly published on the 1st of June on Amazon, globally, and has been getting some brilliant reviews.

To my amazement it sold, not by the bucket-load but certainly more than the ten I was banking on.

So what have Book Sanctuary done for me since? Difficult to quantify when comparing these guys to, say, Bloomsbury.

Firstly they do not have the big advertising budget and their whole ethos really is about the digital age. They use Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook to get the message out. But for me that allows me complete freedom to get heavily involved in the marketing too.

I designed the cover of ‘Three of a Kind’, not sure I would be allowed under normal circumstances and they’ve kept me up-to-date with sales.

This year they are one of the sponsors for the Linlithgow Book Festival, north of the border. I am over the moon ‘Three of a Kind’ is being presented within the literary world at a festival no less, albeit a small one.

It’s not self-publishing, I have not had to pay for anything up front. We have a 12-month deal with each other whereby either one can walk away after that period. Within that year they have first ebook rights and that’s it. All other rights remain with me including territory, paper, film and television etc.

Look, it’s not for everyone but it suits me down to the ground. I have even made several sales around the world. Now I’m not sure if that is possible through normal publication.

Of course I’d love to see it in print, and on a shelf in Waterstones, Foyles or other booksellers and who know maybe that will happen. Till then I keep plugging ‘Three of a Kind’ and continue writing the sequel.

I would certainly recommend it but for some it may be better to go it alone. You won’t know until you try it. Have a look and see for yourself.

Thank you JVS. Oh and he’s seen someone reading his book on a train. How cool is that? 🙂

Based in Essex, England, Joe is an Assurance / Handover Manager in the UK rail industry by day and at night, when he’s not on Facebook or Twitter (12,442 tweets and counting) or being taxi service to his family, he’s planning his ‘Unsceptred Isle’ series and if there’s any time left, he appears in the Radio Litopia chat room – which is how we met.

Joe’s website is where you can read about the series (Joe plans at least four), Joe himself, Maltese Cuisine (his motherland), sample chapters and even Cockney Rhyming Slang.

If you would like to write a writing-related guest post for my blog then feel free to email me with an outline of what you would like to write about. If it’s writing-related then it’s highly likely I’d email back and say “yes please” (while quietly bouncing up and down in my seat with joy!).

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