25 thoughts on “Author interview no.149 with writer Holli Castillo

  1. Patricia Gligor says:

    A great interview!
    Reading it, I think I figured out what I need in order to promote my novels: a big, strong hunk of a man who, although physically intimidating, is a kind, sweet soul! Just kidding. 🙂
    But seriously, Holli’s novels sound intriguing. I’ve been to New Orleans twice; both times were before Katrina. I love the city; it’s magical. Since I especially enjoy reading novels set in locations I’ve been to, I’m going to have to put Holli’s Crescent mystery series on my list of books to read.


  2. Marilyn Meredith says:

    Hi, Holli and Morgen,

    Great interview as always. Because I know Holli I could hear her voice and her wonderful New Orleans accent as I read it. (Sorry, Holli, I had to mention your accent it’s so wonderful.) And Morgen, I always read your questions and answers and hear an English accent.

    Loved learning even more about Holli and her writing–love her books, by the way.



  3. Holli Castillo says:

    Patricia, if you were local I’d loan you the hubby sometimes–he does do a fairly good job!

    Marilyn, I still think it’s everyone else who has an accent, dawlin’.

    Morgen, thanks for the interview. You do such a great job of making people sound interesting and fun.



  4. morgenbailey says:

    “sound interesting”? are authors not always interesting and fun… er, no, OK I take your point… and you’re very welcome. (maybe you should start rent hubby out – Patricia as a free trial) 🙂


  5. Carol Crigger says:

    Terrific interview, Holli, and Chocolate Justice sounds great. I envy you your supportive husband. Morgen, another great question and answer session, just like two people are sitting down together and talking.


  6. Sunny Frazier says:

    What hit home with the interview (and I know Holli very well) is that she approached the rejections like she handles a court case: she evaluated, increased her knowledge base with the class online, recognized her amateur mistakes and corrected the manuscript to make a sale. So many writers cannot understand THIS IS A BUSINESS. As acquisitions editor for Oak Tree Press, I’m often stunned by some of the queries I receive. And when an author insists the book has to be 100,000 words, I simply can’t roll over and give them what they want. Every page costs $$$.

    I just wish more authors were as grounded as Holli. When I hear others whine about how hard life is for them to write, I think of Holli on crutches promoting her book like the superhero she is.


  7. Marja McGraw says:

    Again, a terrific interview. I’ve read Holli’s first book and I’m working my way through a stack of books to the second one. Knowing Holli’s background, a person can’t help but admire her. Very good!


  8. Ted Druch says:

    Great interview. I could relate to so much, but I think that when you finally come down to it, most fiction authors work in pretty much the same ways when it finally comes to putting down the words. I especially liked her mentioning that the characters often like to go their own ways. My feeling is that the more trouble you have keeping your characters in line, the more likely they are to be believable.
    A word about rejections. Maybe I’m just unusually thick-skinned, but I was overjoyed to get my very first rejection. It meant that I was a writer. I was wrong, it takes at least 40. Ask JK Rowling, and a whole slew of great authors. I read somewhere that Animal Farm was turned down by an American publisher because Americans weren’t interested in animal stories.
    I wear my rejections as a medal of honor in the literary wars. Emblazoned upon it is an upraised middle finger.
    Agents suck.
    Anybody know where I can get one?


  9. Augie says:

    Morgen great interview as always, Holli I loved hearing your voice (and we’ve never met). Thank you for the tips in regards to honing your craft…read…read…read is so important. Thanks ladies for such an intense interview on a personal level. Augie


  10. Theresa Varela says:

    Thanks Morgen- for yet another great interview. Not only did I get a peek into Holli’s very busy life as a writer, amongst many other roles, but I was also treated to a wonderful Writers 101. This one was a keeper.


  11. Holli Castillo says:

    Thanks everyone for stopping by, and Morgen for hosting me. I was having internet problems all day–finally figured out my antivirus program turned on my firewall program and blocked my access through Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, even though my e-mail still worked and alerted me to everyone’s comments–so frustrating!!! Thanks to everyone again, and sorry my response was not individual and sooner.


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