Author Spotlight no.19 – author Margaret Falcon

To complement my daily blog interviews I recently started a series of weekly Author Spotlights and today’s, the nineteenth, is of horror and mystery novelist, poet and short story author Margaret Falcon.

Margaret Falcon holds duel degrees in Criminal Justice and Internet Administration. Her passion for horror and mystery developed during the ‘80s, prior to the computer generation. Her first draft for Triangle was composed on an electric IMB typewriter in a guardhouse, while she was working on her Criminal Justice degree. Her poem, Death’s Kiss was published in the World of Poetry Anthology.

In her spare time, she enjoys nature photography, and shopping for unique jewelry. She has even created her own pieces, using a process known as lost wax casting.

Margaret currently resides in the foothills of North Carolina, with her two children, Jacob, skateboard extraordinaire, and Sabrina, a Goth cartoonist, plus a motley collection of pets, which include a dog, two cats, one ferret, and a degu.

Triangle is her first novel. Margaret is currently working on her second novel, a collection of short horror stories titled, Wake the Dead.

And now from the author herself:

I worked in this tiny guardhouse by day, and as a waitress in the evenings, while going to college. In between checking in visitors and answering the phone, I was utterly alone. I was bored out of my tree. I had an IBM typewriter in the guardhouse with me, and I started typing a story. As these characters came to life, they just started bugging me to create a book.

Triangle is the story of Kevin, Karen, and Tina, three college friends involved in a triangular relationship of danger, desire, and deceit.  Kevin has loved his girlfriend, Karen since they were high-schoolers, but Karen has trouble being faithful. Meanwhile, torn between love and loyalty, Karen’s roommate, Tina is forced to hide her affections for Kevin, while guarding the secret of Karen’s affairs. Soon, rumors begin to fly, tensions begin to mount, and students who interfere with Kevin and Karen’s relationship begin to mysteriously die, each of them brutally murdered. Tina desperately tries to keep her secrets, but can she do it long enough to stay alive?

I was a fanatic for horror films in the ‘80s, and I knew all the little tricks to make people jump, to keep them looking over their shoulders. I especially loved those films that mentally jerked the rug out from under me, that maintained suspense and kept me guessing. I want my readers to look over their shoulders, and to listen for things that go “bump in the night”. I hope this is what Triangle will bring to my reading audience.

Sound like fun, thank you Margaret. Degu: I learned something new today. 🙂 You can find more about Margaret and her new novel, Triangle, via her website

The blog interviews will return as normal tomorrow with poet Elizabeth Harrington – the one hundred and th of my blog interviews with novelists, poets, directors, bloggers, autobiographers and more. If you like what you read, please do go and investigate the author further. A list of interviewees (blogged and scheduled) can be found here. And I enjoy hearing from readers of my blog; do either leave a comment on the relevant interview (the interviewees love to hear from you too!) and / or email me. You can also read / download my eBooks here.

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