23 thoughts on “Author interview no.155 with writer Marja McGraw

  1. Patricia Gligor says:

    What a great interview! I enjoyed reading about Marja’s latest book in her Sandi Webster mystery series; it’s definitely on my “must read” list.
    Marja, I love the image of you going back to the library with your camera to take a picture of your novel on the shelf. That sounds like something I would do. What a thrill that must’ve been!
    Morgen, I have to ask you where you found a t-shirt with that logo? I love it!


  2. morgenbailey says:

    Hello ladies. Thank you for stopping by. Marja will be thrilled I’m sure (I’ve just emailed her). The t-shirt (http://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com/careful-or-youll-end-up-in-my-novel-t-shirt-963-p.asp) was from an English website but I’m pretty sure they ship overseas. I’ve since ordered a Writer’s toolbox (http://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com/the-writers-toolbox-1026-p.asp) for one of the writing groups I belong to (because they saw mine in action at yet another group!) and added a red ‘unreliable narrator’ tshirt to get free postage. It’s currently sitting at the post office waiting for me so I’ll be wearing them both (not at the same time, you understand) while doing NaNoWriMo this year. 🙂


  3. Marja says:

    Morgen, Good try, but the “j” in my name is actually hard. Kind of like “large” with an “a” on the end. And again, thank you so much for having me in today.

    Marilyn and Patricia, Thank you for stopping in. Morgen really presents a fun site to visit. And I guess when it comes to seeing your book on a shelf anywhere, library or bookstore, it can turn you into a kid on Christmas morning. : )


  4. Pat says:

    I always enjoy Marja’s blogs and interviews. BTW, I have both a t-shirt and a sweatshirt with the same “message” on them, one was a gift from friends and the other from relatives. The first time I wore one, I couldn’t understand why people were looking at me in a funny way and then laughing. 🙂


  5. John Brantingham says:

    Great interview, and I love how the internet has changed what writers can do and where they can go. You live in a small town in Arizona, but now we have access to your work in a way that we might not have before!


  6. jack595 says:

    The way that interview came across you could almost be friends if there wasn’t a little matter of an ocean between you that is. But knowing both of you as I do I thought you melded well and I was sorry when it came to an end. May the future be bright for both of you.


  7. Marja says:

    Thank you all for your comments! It is fun learning about other authors, and I hope a few readers are learning about us, too. John, J.R., and Jean, thank you so much for visiting.

    Ah, Jack, Morgen is a wonderful woman to work with, and I do feel like I’ve made a couple of new friends across the pond.

    Trust me, Stephen, if you’d been there you wouldn’t have thought it was fantastic. Let me just say that the restroom was probably a good location for me at that particular moment. : ) Things have sure changed since those days.


  8. Marja says:

    Dac, Thank you for stopping in. You’re absolutely right. What would be the point of writing fiction if it wasn’t fun? Then it would just be a job, and there are certainly other jobs that would pay more.


  9. Marja says:

    Tony, thank you for the kind words. I hope people enjoy the books as much as you have. : )

    Yvonne, Thank you. I’d say you’re pretty original. I know it’s probably a common name somewhere, but I’ve never met another Marja.

    Theresavarela (?), Thanks you for stopping in. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

    And, Morgen, thank you so much for the opportunity to visit your blog site. It was a lot of fun. And it good to see that there were more than Oak Tree comments, although I can’t tell you how much I appreciate “the posse”. A little bit of the best on both fronts.


  10. Eileen Obser says:

    Hi Marja and Morgan,

    Great interview; very informative and full of ideas for other writers, as usual. I have the same message on a shirt, Marja, but it’s on a sweatshirt — gift of a student, who wears the same message. Can’t wear it indoors very often. I love Bubba, your wolf-lab dog! Gotta read the book.


  11. Marja says:

    Thank you, Eileen. The closest I can come is a sweatshirt that says, “So Many Books, So Little Time.” I think I’ve just got to find one of those t-shirts. Here in Arizona, there aren’t that many times during the year when I want to wear a sweatshirt.


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