The Morgen Bailey Daily is born!

Every few days I get a notification on Twitter that one of my tweets has featured in a fellow member’s newspaper. When I say “newspaper” although it’s not something you can hold in your hands but read on the screen, it is in effect a newspaper in every way. It has headlines, different sections and more; embedded videos with a few adverts flashing away vying for your attention.

And it’s so very easy to do. Type in ‘’ (or you can click ‘here‘), sign up (for free) and then click on ‘Start a paper’.

You can choose any title you like, and you can create more than one, but the default chose ‘The Morgen Bailey Daily‘ for me which had a nice ring to it so I kept it.

I linked it to my Facebook and Twitter accounts so my profile was automatically created, all I needed to do was add a background (if I didn’t want to choose their default one – I added a British blue sky) and Bob’s my father’s brother (well, not in my case – Frank, Fred and Arthur) but it was done and sent out in the ether.

So every day, every mid-afternoon UK time there’ll be a new edition and as it’s automated, all I have to do is sit and read it – it’ll even tell all my Twitter buddies that it’s hot off the presses – and given that it picks the articles out of what my fellow Twitters have to say, based on writing-related keywords, it’ll be a surprise to us all, but hopefully a pleasant one. 🙂

If you create your own and have any queries, feel free to email me. I’m new to it but I’ll try and help.

4 thoughts on “The Morgen Bailey Daily is born!

  1. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

    My goodness woman! Could anyone be more prolific? You are amazing.
    So does this mean you have to write something there every day or are there automatic links that appear? Looks like it might be a great marketing tool, or at least make our names more recognised.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Not at all Yvonne – it’s all totally automated. As long as I and my followers / followees tweet it’ll appear. It searches based on the writing-related keywords I’ve told it to look for and compiles it itself. I’ve subscribed to it so it’ll tell me when it’s launched and I take a look and make changes if I wish to. It’s fun. 🙂


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