Author interview (and blog) feedback sought

Hello everyone. I’ll keep this brief because Marla is waiting in the wings to guest blog but I’d love your opinion on the interviews I post here (and anything else you’d like to mention about my blog). I’m conscious that by posting an interview a day you will have a lot to read through so…

  • Are they too long? Would you prefer a selected maximum of questions?
  • Do you find them enjoyable to read or do you switch off part-way?
  • Are there questions that you feel don’t need to be asked?
  • Is there a topic we haven’t discussed that you would like covered?
  • Is there a genre you’d like to read more about or are they fairly evenly spread?
  • Generally do you find they are helpful / useful?
  • Are they posted too regularly? (not sure I can do much about this as I have so many enquiries but it would be useful to know)

And about the blog itself…

  • Can you find the information you want easily?
  • Is there too much information here, is it overwhelming?
  • Is there anything you’d like to read less of?
  • Is there anything you’d like to read more of?
  • If you’ve read any, are the guest blogs / author spotlights too short / long or about right?
  • I’d like to include more poetry; any suggestions?
  • Is there anything writing-related that I don’t cover on this blog that I could perhaps include?
  • Do you have a favourite section / page on the blog?
  • If you’ve been involved in anything here do you feel it was worthwhile?

I look forward to hearing your views; positive and ‘constructive’ – I’ve received rejections, I can handle it! 🙂 

I have the current format booked up until the end of the year but ongoing it’ll be really interesting to learn what is working and what isn’t (if anything :)).

If you would prefer to email me directly rather than leave a comment here, you can email me at

Thank you.

Morgen x

13 thoughts on “Author interview (and blog) feedback sought

  1. williamdoonan says:

    Hi Morgen,

    I think you’re doing the writing world a great service. I love checking in to see what you’ve got going on each day. I’m not sure there’s much I’d change. If you can get some agents and publishers on board now and again, that would be great. Love to hear from another point of view. And if anyone has discovered the magic bullet to online publicity, I’d love to read about it. But honestly, I think you’re right on track!

    William Doonan


  2. Patricia Gligor says:

    Do I think my interview with you was worthwhile? Absolutely!!! The whole experience was fantastic. So much so that, in the future, I’d love to do an author spotlight – after my novel is accepted for publication, that is.
    You are wonderful to work with. I especially appreciate the fact that you allow authors to choose which questions (and how many questions) they want to respond to and you encourage us to give you input and even alter the interview content, if we wish. Who could ask for more than that?


  3. morgenbailey says:

    Absolutely to a spotlight Patricia, just keep an eye on the dates on the spotlight page and when you’re ready let me know. Thank you for your kind words. As for asking for more, “a few more hours in the day” sprang to mind. 🙂


  4. Nathan Weaver (@babylontales) says:

    I was thinking recently, you should give your interviews an upgrade. You should start connecting via Skype, Google Hangouts or Facebook Video Chat, and record the interviews. That way people can ‘listen’ to the interviews and minimize the scroll effect.

    Whatever the case, you’re doing a great service. And if you’re interested in doing something like this, I can help you with getting the proper tools (for free).


      • Nathan Weaver (@babylontales) says:

        Yeah, time is of the essence. But if you play your cards right, and restrict the time, and possibly limit yourself to no video editing, it could go quicker. I co-hosted a TV show once, and the part I hated most was the interview segment. Terrible, terrible. And it was so easy to drag on and be bored senseless, if there was no time restriction. Any rate… I totally understand. I wouldn’t want to do it, unless I had the details ironed out up front for sure.


    • Nathan Weaver (@babylontales) says:

      On a cider note, I have an article I’m writing called ‘The Premeditated Life & Death of a Character’. I don’t usually compose writing articles, but I was compelled the other day. If you’re interested, I’ll send it your way when I’m done.

      And in terms of aiding in video interviews, let me think about that one. I’ll get back to you.


  5. morgenbailey says:

    Re. video interviews… not sure I could fit anything else in (am doing NaNoWriMo from next Tuesday and that’s going to be challenging enough at the mo) but will let you know when I win the lottery and hire a P.A. 🙂
    Cider: now you’re talking… mmm, just fancy a half a Woodpecker’s…
    Would always be interested in writing articles… official guest blog slots squished til early January but could squeeze you in as a Monday night extra early December :).


  6. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

    Morgen, in response to your request for feedback. I first want to say that I think you are providing an invaluable service for writers and getting them exposure many would not otherwise have. I love the short spotlights. They entice me to check other writers out. That said, though i find the interviews interesting I find I simply cannot find the time to read them all and worry that in skipping some I may be missing something. But I honestly can’t tell you what I would do differently. It is all interesting when I do read it. Not sure this helps you. 😦 But I am still a big fan of what you do and admire you.


  7. morgenbailey says:

    Ah bless you, Yvonne. I kind of think that by having the interviews (and spotlights, guest blogs etc) summarised on their individual pages that readers can pick and choose the ones that interest them, perhaps in the genre they’re writing or would like to write. I certainly don’t expect (or anticipate) anyone other than me reading them all… because I’m pretty sure that people (other than me) have a life. 🙂


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