16 thoughts on “Author interview no.172 with writer Anne R Allen

  1. Patricia Gligor says:

    It was interesting to learn more about Anne. I try to read the posts on her blog as often as I can (as I do with yours, Morgen) because they’re always so informative and well written. You two ladies are an inspiration to me!
    Morgen, on a side note, we have seagulls in Cincinnati, Ohio too and the closest ocean is ten hours away; the Great Lakes, four or five hours away. I liked your explanation: “I think they come here to taunt me.” I feel the same way.


  2. Anne R. Allen says:

    Morgen, thanks so much for hosting me–and for asking such fun questions! I wish we could sit down and talk in person. Although I’m not that big on travel any more either. Airplane travel has become such a toxic experience. (Although I’ll always fly British Airways–so much more pleasant than US airlines. They don’t treat passengers like vermin.)

    I’m glad your authors don’t all start to sound alike. This blog provides a great resource for readers AND writers.

    Ghostwriters in the Sky is now available and I’ll send you the link. On my blog I’ll be giving away two copies in honor of Halloween. Boooooo….

    Thanks Patricia, I always love your comments on my blog!

    Sorry about those taunting seagulls. Ours are pretty fierce. They can try to steal a sandwich right out of your hands.


  3. morgenbailey says:

    How funny – the British (many I’ve spoken to anyway) don’t like British Airways. I guess it’s like having straight hair (like me) and wanting curly and vice versa. 🙂 Thanks again for taking part, I had fun too. 🙂


  4. Ruth Harris says:

    Anne is fun, funny & generous and all those qualities shine brightly here. But what’s with chocolate? Do people really like it as much as they say? Shoes, ditto. Call me clueless but I don’t get either one.

    However: red wine and red lipstick? Now you’re talking!


    • morgenbailey says:

      I must be weird (or just English) I don’t ‘do’ chocolate (my brother would kill for a Death by Chocolate with chocolate sauce and chocolate chippings), shoes (unless flat – I’m 5’10 / 1.78m), red wine (still think it tastes like vinegar – my brother loves it and keeps ‘teaching’ me wine) and whilst I do wear lipstick it tends to be pink. I think having just mentioned my brother twice shows that we’re both English and have different tastes to that can’t be it but the fact that I don’t have a sister could answer the shoes riddle. 🙂


  5. Anne R. Allen says:

    I forgot to say re: Sherwood, Ltd. It’s set in Gainsborough Lincolnshire, just across the Trent from Nottinghamshire. So you’re close.

    Ruth-truth be told, I don’t wear silly shoes any more. I used to be able to prance around in them, when I was in the theater, but now I pretty much live in my Crocs. Sad, but true. Chocolate, on the other hand… (BTW, very dark chocolate goes very well with a nice, full bodied red wine.)


  6. morgenbailey says:

    Dark chocolate must be a red wine thing. If I had to drink wine I’d go for Lambrusco or Asti Martini / Spumanti which is why white chocolate is my favourite. Banoffee pie with white chocolate swirls… mmmm. 🙂


  7. Anne R. Allen says:

    Thanks so much Claire and magiclantern (Tony) Tony may have heard me speak, but he didn’t listen to me when I said “YOUR NAME IS YOUR BRAND”. Cute monikers are fun, but they don’t do anything to promote your work. Sorry, schoolteacher in me came out there. 🙂

    I wonder if Claire came by via the Indie Chicks. They are very grateful you’ve been helping promote their anthology, Morgen.


  8. Anne Schroeder says:

    Fancy footwork here, Anne. I learned things! And Morgan, this is a wonderful service to all of us writers. I hope I can be your 199th. The style of this interview is casual, edgy and brief–good points. One question for Anne–I guess you’re not writing at the moment?


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you Anne (S)… both of you of course. 🙂 Unfortunately my next free slots aren’t until January but I have your email address from your message so I’d gladly send you an information pack. Morgen


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