Flash Fiction Friday 007: ‘On the Bridge’ by Mia Johansson

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the seventh story in this weekly series. Tonight’s piece is a 542-worder entitled ‘On the Bridge. At eight pm.’ by short story author, photographer and spotlightee Mia Johansson. You can also read her story ‘The Jazz and the Blues’ here.

On the Bridge. At eight pm.

Maybe it won’t rain. I can still do a few laps. I really need to move my legs. One day I will start to run. I know I will miss the marathon this time but maybe next year. This team of trainers, seems they are new. And quite young. Big too. Wonder if they train football. Let’s see who is coming now. Two ladies and a girl. Never seen before. And my friend? He’s not here. Strange, he used to be on the track at this time. It is surprisingly how he can still keep moving. So much energy. At his age! It’s impressive I must admit. He must be seventy or so. He always walks the opposite direction than the others. In fact it is the best way to meet people, to see their faces and make contact otherwise the only thing you see is the back side, the butts, which in fact is funny because you always can compare them and make a “top ten” award list.  And then the way they move and shake their buttocks! I thought it was only women that are funny when walking, but guys can also be funny. Really funny! It was that guy, a quite young man, relatively big, tall and…fleshy that was running. It looked like he was swimming. His head was leaning ahead quite a bit but enough for not falling and smashing it into a flat oversize pumpkin while his arms had their own destiny. From behind it looked like he had two shuffles making his way through the air. Or it looked more like a rooster, waving his wings when looking for… I don’t know what. A chick, maybe?!

– Ok. Rain, please! Now! It’s the time. Soon she’ll be here. Are you ready? Come on! Don’t waste more time or they will miss each other.

Damn it! It started to rain.  I only managed to do two laps. Maybe tomorrow will be better weather. Well, I need to get some parsley and sugar anyway. And it’s getting late. Curious there is no traffic on the highway. Usually there are a lot of cars this time of the day.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!”


“Can you tell me please where the bus station is?”

“You have to go back. You were going in wrong direction. If you go back a few, than at the next cross road you should …. You know what, I can take you there. I live here around.”

“How long have you been here? Is it far your place?”

“One year. No, not really.”

“One year? Doing what?”

“Writing. A book. And you?”

“I am playing the violin.”

“Really!? So you were coming from a concert. Your accent is… Where do you come from?”

“Yours too. I am from N. And you?”

“S. It’s almost same country. Neighbors! Funny. How strange life is some time. We both have traveled thousands of miles. To meet here. On the bridge. At eight pm.”

– More rain?

– No. It’s not necessary. We needed it just to get her out of the track otherwise they would have missed each other.  

– Sure?

– Yeah. No need for more rain for now. Let see what will happen next.

– Ok!

I loved that, thank you Mia. 🙂

Mia Johansson is a civil engineer living in Sweden, author of the fiction novel “Unfinished discussion about God – The diary of a time traveller” expected to be published 2012, and other short stories. She is an occasional photographer interested in the architecture of old and modern cities, street life, a good cup of coffee and jazz. I have just recently joined Google+ (late to the party, I know) and Mia is already there; you can view her stunningly attractive albums here. You can also read more about Mia in her spotlight and her other FFF story ’The Jazz and The Blues‘.

If you’d like to submit your 1,000-word max. stories for consideration for Flash Fiction Friday take a look here. You can also now read / download three of my free eShorts (and a workbook) from Smashwords (more eBooks to follow).

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48 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 007: ‘On the Bridge’ by Mia Johansson

  1. mia says:

    hi guys,

    thank you all for your comments!

    here are some of the posts i received on my FB page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002564401473, on IrnGlobal Art Cafe` Artistic Instincts group, All those that love the art! Tutti quelli che amano l’arte! group, Art Bubes group and my G+ page https://plus.google.com/106552683448896393114/posts since yesterday when the story was published here. the time is not so accurate since i had to take a break from my laptop 🙂

    FB: Gianluca Fumelli and Fábián Mária Galia Tcherkezova like this. 23 minutes ago

    FB Gary Olson: Hi Mia Johansson. I read your short story twice, with a short pause in between readings. Each time I came up with this impression. There is self-restriction of movement by someone who is seems to be an outsider looking inward at the lives of others, a voyeur who is not particularly disturbed by the fact of not being part from life around her. She seems to take life head-on, with a positive attitude, while interacting with the world around her by recognizing opportunities to embrace that which is outside of her and coax it into her life.
    Then there is a shift of perspective. It is as if there are guardian angels watching over her. They seemingly have brought the rain into her life for the express purpose of having her meet someone. Yet, these guardian angels have no idea what the outcome will be. It makes me wonder if things are predetermined to end as if some omnipotent force has decreed it to be or if chaos really does have a part in the determination of our future.
    36 minutes ago • Like • 2

    G+ – Gopipuli GP: – well I go through the above link, I like the way u presented… nice and thanx for the post… do u know obooko.com site, well just go through in free time… good luck.
    Yesterday 1:17 PM – +1’d on morgenbailey.wordpress.com – Public

    FB Gretel Gil: Interesting
    10 hours ago

    FB Al Langille: I liked it, but it’s a little bit confusing. I assume that two of the characters are an agel and God conversing about how they are going to get these two people together? I picked up on that only the second time I read it. That part wasn’t clear.
    13 hours ago

    FB Stephen Orchard : ‎Mia Johansson,
    I read your your short story, I liked the cadence of the sound bite, each with information to move the narrative, the rain as a character of opposition to self-discovery,, well done sugar,,,
    13 hours ago • Like • 1

    FB Josep Maria Sevilla likes this. 17 hours ago


  2. morgenbailey says:

    Mia’s just reminded me (in passing) that this is the first piece she’s ever had published and I think this is such an achievement (and of course an honour that she picked my blog!) and she’s so level headed for taking the critique she’s pasted here in her stride… I hope she’ll return with more pieces in the future. 🙂


  3. mia says:

    thank you Morgen, I appreciate your thoughts. I have posted the comments because I think
    they are sincere, comming from the heart. I am a beginer and I am very excited that people took their time to read and not only, but to answer too, to leave a comment. and it is what I appreciate
    and value. hope they will join my next stories too 🙂


  4. mia says:

    Pitts DerekLifeisgolden shared a link.
    Flash Fiction Friday 007: ‘On the Bridge’ by Mioara Johansson
    Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the seventh story in this weekly series. Tonight’s piece is a 542-worder entitled ‘On the Bridge. At eight pm.’ by Mioara Johansson. On the Bridge. At e…
    Like · · Share · 7 minutes ago ·

    Pitts DerekLifeisgolden likes this.


  5. mia says:

    On FB: Stephen Orchard I love supporting artists and their journey of bliss,, keep us tuned in too more of your short stories Mia,
    39 minutes ago · · 1


  6. mia says:

    FB: Gary Olson Yes, you may post my impression of your story. Please ad that I found it very stimulating and imaginative. I became deeply involved in who was who.
    18 hours ago · Like · 1


  7. mia says:

    on Gmail: Jean Toupin ART

    9:22 AM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    Great work Mia!!!

    I read your short story and like it very much.

    Have a great day!


  8. mia says:

    George Kurian 11:48 AM (29 minutes ago)

    to me
    Hi Mia,

    Thanks for the link.
    I liked the story.

    i tried to put a comment but can’t. will try again later.

    hope you are well,


  9. mia says:

    FB: Maira Mustafa loved it mia ….. where can v read more of dat … ???
    9 minutes ago · Unlike · 2
    Mia Johansson i have more short stories and a book to be published soon i hope 🙂
    5 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Maira Mustafa do tell me …… cuz u never knw when its 2012 …… i will sure read it …
    4 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
    Maira Mustafa ‎:)
    4 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
    Mia Johansson they r not published yet. i’m still working with my book. it will be online when published
    2 minutes ago · Like
    Maira Mustafa sure we can w8 for sum gud stuff … 🙂
    about a minute ago · Unlike · 1


  10. laughingwolf says:

    hi mia, tony hunt here 🙂

    love the story

    you may want to change a few typos: seems, not seams …and rooster, not roster 🙂

    a fun way to have people meet 😀

    btw, i have a lot of family in norkopping, some in stockholm….


  11. mia says:

    on likedin: R. Leonardo Helton ” …and meant to commend you on your short story the other day, Mioara, most well done, alas, technology problems fortuitously held in abeyance, and so there then could not of so say. “


  12. mia says:

    Martha Lundin

    Nov 28

    to me
    Hello, Mia!

    Thank you for sharing your story! I enjoyed reading it.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Take care,


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