Author Spotlight no.29 – David Coles

Complementing my daily blog interviews please find below the twenty-nineth Author Spotlight, today with crime novelist (amongst other genres) David Coles.

David Coles is one half of a crime-writing duo, his co-scribe being Jack Everett. David and Jack both live in Yorkshire but 25+ miles apart, and have been writing together for too many years to remember but still meet weekly. David lives on the outskirts of a big city whereas Jack’s home is more rural. They still enjoy each other’s presence though – if the truth be known – they probably laugh more at the antics of their grandchildren. Their tastes in music differ, David prefers more instrumental works especially acoustic guitars whereas Jack likes good balladeers. David likes walking and exploring foreign climes. Jack also enjoys travelling but on four wheels in preference to Shanks’ pony. They both enjoy a good meal and glass of wine and still like to curl up with a real book despite having eBook readers.

And now from David himself:

All that time! Where did it go?

My first attempt at writing was on the kitchen table, I was maybe, fourteen. Written in long hand, in pencil and sent to Nebula Science Fiction magazine, they returned it with a very polite note. Seven years later, a piece along the lines of “All men are created equal but we don’t stay that way…” won first prize in my in-house magazine competition. Another seven years during which I was published in New Writings in SF and another first prize with NEL’s Science Fiction magazine. Now, that one changed my life; they published my address and a guy in the next village noticed it, phoned me up and we’ve been writing in tandem ever since.

Jack Everett’s and my efforts were mainly shorts in glossy magazines until we discovered indie publishers and later, eBooks, that we really took off even though the first two bit the dust this year. But, out of that first meeting came the books now on sale at Amazon.

And we’re fortunate, there are still some in the pipeline.

“Now that I’m retired – “Retired? Surely you’re too young!” “Ah, pass my pills, will you?” – I spend a large part of my time writing or in writing-related pursuits. I build and maintain our websites (check out Archimedes Presse, a directory to all our books and personal sites) and our blogs which are gradually building a following. It’s a joy to be alive.

Thanks, Morgen.

You’re so welcome, thank you David and I look forward to posting your guest blogs. You can find more about David and Jack, and their work via the links mentioned above and and their latest book is ‘The Tourist’ which is also available from Amazon.

The blog interviews will return as normal tomorrow with ghostwriter Andrew Crofts – the one hundred and seventy-ninth of my blog interviews with novelists, poets, directors, bloggers, autobiographers and more. If you like what you read, please do go and investigate the author further. A list of interviewees (blogged and scheduled) can be found here. And I enjoy hearing from readers of my blog; do either leave a comment on the relevant interview (the interviewees love to hear from you too!) and / or email me. My eBooks are now available on Smashwords (Amazon to follow).

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