Radio Litopia is now a Sunday double-bill… starting now!

As I type this online writing radio show Radio Litopia’s Open House is just starting. Whilst I understand that thousands of people listen to the podcast (that’s how I started) the main fun (for me anyway) the chat room is generally attended by a fairly exclusive bunch of people. Quality over quantity? Absolutely, but Agent Pete (who I interviewed yesterday morning by the way) loves to have a crowd. It can get pretty rowdy but one thing’s for sure – you’re going to have some fun. 🙂

So… I’m off to join them and if you have a spare hour of two, then come along…

Open House runs 6.30pm to 8pm UK time (1.30pm East Coast time / 10.30pm Pacific time) – fun and games so you need brain power


Litopia After Dark 8pm to 9pm – often with some wonderful guests! We’ve had Mark Billingham, Peter James, Ellen Feldman and many more… don’t know who we have tonight but I’ll update this page when I know.

when the page opens you’ll hear Agent Pete’s dulcet tones and the rest of us playing games. Put a username (no spaces) where prompted (in the middle of the black square) and Bob’s your father’s brother. 🙂

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