Author Spotlight no.34 – Darrel Day

Complementing my daily blog interviews, today’s Author Spotlight, the thirty-fourth, is of suspense novelist, singer, lyricist and short story author Darrel Day.

Darrel Day has written and published three suspense novels titled ‘Abduction, Penance’ {the sequel to Abduction}, ‘Until Death Do We Meet’, a sci-fi titled ‘Ice Changers’ and a short story series titled The Forest Has Ears. He is currently awaiting the publishing of his first “short story” series, a book with four of his short story fiction thrillers.

He is the singer / lyrics writer of over 100 songs and has produced a CD titled “SimplyD” that includes 13 of his favorite songs.

Darrel has a great passion for the outdoors and spends as much time as life allows at a lake near his home. He considers the inspiration he finds while walking along the shoreline immeasurable. He takes what he sees and transfers the scene to the written word. Life experiences have given him the ability to feel what he sees and create a novel from it. Darrel continues to write and is presently working on publishing his fifth and sixth novels.

And now from the author himself:

As a writer, I enjoy sharing my inward self with readers. I have had a passion for writing since I was a teen and made it my career at the ripe age of 40. I have been published by traditional as well as POD publishers and now enjoy self-publishing. In keeping up with technology, I have made some of my novels available for e-readers including the Nook and Kindle.

I am active in many websites for authors and try to keep my foot in the door of a few blog sites. I maintain three sites of my own.

I have learned by trial and error the good and the bad ways to try and promote my novels. By “bad” ways, I am meaning that there are many sites that simply do nothing for the novels. I also have learned that truly, promoting and sales is all about marketing. If you can’t market, you will not sell… at least not to the volume you are looking for. Marketing is not a strong point for me so I am seeking out ways to learn and places that teach the in and out of good internet marketing. I do as many signings as possible and am eager, always, to talk to and meet new people, readers and writers alike.

You can find more about Darrel and his work via…



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